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TWD: Eternal Black Screen

posted by Lone_Wanderer on - last edited - Viewed by 272 users

I'm afraid I have a problem with this game.
I bought it few days ago, played it without a single major problem ( brief stuttering from time to time, thats it ) up until the end of episode 2. After finishing the game, I decided I wasnt happy with my choices and wanted to play again from the beginning, so I deleted my save ( save 1 position ) and started the game.

At first, everything was good, if not better then before ( stuttering and off voice over was almost gone ), but when I finished episode 1 and switched to episode 2, I appeared at the end of episode, walking to the abandoned car with whole group.
I though its just some saving glitch, so I went into main menu and rewinded to start of episode 2. After doing that, I get black screen with mobile mouse cursor and white axe icon on left side of a screen.

Since then, I tried reinstalling game, copying save to another position, rewinded back to start of episode 1 even deleting save and playing all again.. but everytime I just get black screen. Even with starting episode 2 with custom decisions.

Anyone knows whats going on and how to overcome this ?

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