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Sam & Max: Episode 1 - game wont progress (slight spoiler)

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The game won't progress after the car chase scene - Specs then asks "who knows how to change a tire" and stays on that screen with Specs standing there. The mouse also disappears. The game isn't frozen, cause Specs is seen swaying and I can still access the menu. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  • Try pressing Esc on your keyboard to access the menu. Save your game and then load the saved game. This should bump you forward to the next part.
  • I'm having a very similar problem: after the car chase, Whizzer asks if anyone knows where there's a bathroom, and then the game gets stuck. Whizzer is visible, moving slightly, but S&M are out of sight. There's no mouse cursor, and pressing escape doesn't do anything. The game's still running, but it no longer responds to user input.
  • Could one of you please send a saved game from right before this point to Ryan at ryan -at- and reference this thread? He will take a look at the save and see if he can reproduce the problem (and can also send back a save right after that point so you can finish the game).
  • I'm having this same problem...has there been any type of solution?


    Never mind apparently running it in window mode instead of full screen got me passed.
  • This just happened to me at the exact same point ("anyone know how to change a tire?") and like Emily suggested, reloading from the start of the car chase did work, but it is a minor inconvenience. I'm not sure how to send save games, so here is a screenshot:


    This has only happened on the Telltale DVD version, and never happened to me on the downloadable version. Anyway, no big problem, just something that would probably be better if fixed.
  • I'm also having this problem right after I first chase down Whizzer. I bought the games through Steam. I tried reloading from the start of the case, in fullscreen or in windowed mode, nothing helps. It won't progress past Whizzer asking where to find the bathroom.

    Is the advice to e-mail ryan@ still valid, or should I talk to someone else about this issue?
  • That's definitely an old post. If you have a save from a few minutes before, try waking up Whizzer first and then wake up Specs.
  • Hrm... Don't have a save from that point. I'd have to start my game over. I take it this means there's no fix for this issue?
  • The bug is kind of a rare script error in the driving code, so I'm actually pretty surprised that it actually happened to you twice in a row.

    I *think* the bug is fixed in the version we currently have up on our site. I can toss it your way if you want. Either way you'd have to play through from the beginning again I'm afraid.
  • Hrm... so is the version on Steam not the latest release then? In any case, I maybe won't bother redoing from the start right now. I'll play the other episodes and then restart this one from the beginning if I get really bored. ;)
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