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[WD] After pausing the game, save gets corrupted?

posted by Khorino on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users
So, I've played the first two episodes without any kind of save game corruption. Yesterday, I started a new game and something really weird happened on the first episode. I paused the game, and then every button (Resume Game, Settings, Main Menu and Exit Game) simply restarts from the beginning of it.

I have to force exit, and when I restart the game client, the save file is corrupted (I think so, because it won't load). I tried reinstall in different folders, cleaning the registry and today I was playing again, only to find the same problem.

It's the TTG version (not Steam) and on Windows 7 64-bit.
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  • Same here. Played through both episodes with no issues and for some reason today, when I started my third playthrough, I ran into this exact thing. Was playing Episode 1, paused, hit resume game and it started over from the beginning.

    Also playing the TTG version on Windows 7 64-bit. Strange that this just started after playing through twice before on the exact same computer with no issues.
  • Just had the same thing happen to me. Was in the drug store, paused the game, and it restarted when I unpaused. I also couldn't exit the game because it would just restart. Had to use task manager to kill it.
  • Nearly the same problem here and I'm pissed as hell. At first english isn't my native languague and I'm really tired so I'm sorry if there's something wrong.

    My problem: I played through the first episode like three times after it came out. Then the second episode came out and I played through the whole second ep in once. After a few days, I tried to play it again, with another saveslot (Carley was saved in saveslot one and Doug was saved in saveslot two) and different selected choices. I paused through the game and the other day episode two hasn't worked anymore. I tried saveslot one again but the same problem. So I reinstalled the whole game, played through episode one again and after I created two saveslots again ... I needed to start at the beginning of ep one again. So I waited for episode three. I hoped that ep three will fix this problem.

    So, I played again through episode one, tried it with just one saveslot this time, paused the game after the drugstore fight where Doug died and what happend? Every button (main manue, exit game and so on) just restartet episode one.

    I don't know what to do and I'm really, really pissed because I don't want to play through the whole first episode again and I would love to play episode three with MY selected choices ... can somebody help us?

    I'm a Windows 7 User.
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