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Possible Romance?

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After browsing the forums, it seems like I not the only one whose considered a possible Lee/Carley relationship.

They seem to get along together better than anyone else in the group, Lee even has some playful banter with her in the end.

It wouldn't be that strange, in the comics people seem to hook-up all the time. If they did possibly go with that direction, I wonder what they would do with Doug to make it fair, no offense, but I don't see Lee ever going that way (again no offense).

Thoughts? anyone else think that this might happen if Carley isn't killed off in the foreseeable future?

I'm just a sucker for post-apocalyptic romances.
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  • I think I do see something here. Carley trusts Lee and during the walk to the farm, if you tell the brothers that you are the leader of the group, Carley will look to the side and smile to herself. I hope this turns out to be a relationship.
  • doug/lee romance
  • I really really really really hope theres a scene where carley offers to let lee come spend the night with carley {implying sex], read a bedtime story to clementine, Toast smores with kenny duck and kaatja, help doug build defenses, play some sports with ben, or patrol with lily.
  • Yep, there's definitely something there. If there's an option for it, romancing Carly is top on my list, it will just make her eventual death all the more saddening. :/ Maybe they will surprise us and keep the "expendable" characters until the very end.
  • Implying sex is the best that Telltale can go for. Remember, the game is rated Mature for intense violence, blood and gore, and strong language. We can't get anything sexually explicit here.
  • Aw, no half nude bioware-esqe love scenes for Carly and Doug?
  • Dildor;633785 said:
    Aw, no half nude bioware-esqe love scenes for Carly and Doug?
    Naw, unless you want fallout from FOX for showing a side boob.
  • bioware just went down hill with love scenes in DA3 it will be two characters going "we had sex it was good" "yes the sex was good"
  • he he ! Carley its my top romance girl :) ! even if dont have this option on the future ! i will shure stay with she until the end like a friend or better :) !
  • I'm all for Carly / Lee too - but I doubt it will go down the route of romance. For some reason, Carly seems to be like a loyal soldier standing by Lee's side wherever he may go. Doug was loyal too - like an overgrown puppy. :D

    But yeah. I would love to see more interactions between him and Carly. The Doug (this is the third time I almost spelled his name as "Dough"!) interactions were not as deep as the conversations Lee has with Carly, IMO.
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