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Characters elephant memory

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When dialogue was written, they went to overkill with the fact that characters nitpick of your choices even if they happened over 50 years ago (or three months of that matter) and if you don't mean exactly same thing around the certain characters it goes like "I thought you said..." as seen in episode 2 and then game decides that you tried to lie and it will bite you in the upcoming episode.

Bottom line is: It feels like Lee is in quiz show and others just pretend that there is zombie apocalypse. It is hard to explain. Too much stuff is just centered around your choices without affecting indirectly to other characters interacting with the eachother. In fact they don't even usually talk to eachother during the gameplay unless Lee makes them to (going around characters to intialize their short dialogue).
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  • Lol, I have seen this in other choice-driven games that I have played.

    I think it is just a consequence of using a game engine to simulate "memories" and "consequences", and they don't always make the most sense when the devs try to apply it to subsequent conversations.

    I mean, really, every character in there is a result of a computer making import flags. OF COURSE they are going to have perfect memory...:)
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