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Some problems and a hope

posted by unsilviu on - last edited - Viewed by 561 users
1st thing: Will you, the guys at telltale please put the special season 1 DVD, along with all other thingies(Bonus cd's, books,soundtrack)in other countries, even in europe?
I'm from romania, and the transport prices if i bought the game online would be gargantuous.
Will they PLZ be available in stores?
And, ofcourse, I am hoping for a season 2 soon!
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  • The game is coming to retail stores in Europe already, from JoWood. I don't know if it will be available in romania, but it will be available in a country closer than the US at least.
  • Maybe here in Germany? Maybe as a complete German version? :eek: Cause we have a JoWood devision here in "old europe" ;)

    More information please! Gimme, gimme!


    in august 2007 in german and english as I see.... Telltalers, you make me nervous everytime I visit this forum... ;)
  • I'm told by others in the forum that the actor doing Max will be the lady who does bart simpson in German dubbings, if that helps.
  • Oh thanks tabacco! I guess I should read more in the forums now ;)

    On the corporate page they said that you did a Sam & Max party for the investors... Too sad that I didn't know... I would have risked a glance :D
  • tabacco;34400 said:
    I'm told by others in the forum that the actor doing Max will be the lady who does bart simpson in German dubbings, if that helps.
    So Max will be voiced by a female? :confused:

    -erie organ music followed by a scream-

    So it really is a she! ;)
  • She (Sandra Schwittau) did Max's Voice in the german version of "Hit the Road", and Bart's voice in the german version of "The Simpsons" since Season 1, and I was really surprised when I learned, that this voice (Bart and Max sound almost exactly the same) is done by a woman (i actually just read that Bart's original voice is also done by a woman named Nancy Cartwright). She really does not sound female when she does this voice.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    She sounds like a she to me when I watch videos of German Hit the Road on YouTube, but maybe it's because I knew ahead of time.
  • I see that there will be released a retail version in Norway as well, or maybe it's just a British import or something. I hope that this version includes some of the exclusive extras that are on the American version. :D
  • The retail version doesn't have the bloopers or commentary tracks, but it does have an extra making-of video and everything else our bonus dvd does (apart from the two things I mentioned, of course)
  • Is there a cost calculator around when ya make the purchase? If not, then please tell me:
    How much would the cheapest transport cost?
    I'm reffering at the full version, with the bonus dvd.
    P.S.:i live in romania
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