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New IGN article: "Will we ever see Monkey Island 3?"

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Will we ever see Monkey Island 3?

Strange article. I can't tell if they are referring to CMI: SE or Ron Gilbert's version of what follows Part 2. Ron sort of ignores TOMI.

This qoute bothers me though.

“I’d really love to make Monkey Island 3,” Gilbert said. “Unfortunately, I don’t own the rights to that. That all belongs to LucasArts. Even if I started a Kickstarter and I raised like 30 million dollars, I really don’t think LucasArts would sell it.”
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  • I interpret the article as implying that any Monkey Island not involving Ron Gilbert doesn't count. I don't agree with that, and they really could have chosen a better way of phrasing it, but whatever.

    It is true, though, that LucasArts doesn't seem to be interested in making non-Star-Wars games or licensing its other properties. I think we'll have to wait for another executive shake-up over there before that changes.
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