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In the most recent SoSaM installment (Episode 3), there were a few comments in the commentaries about how some of the people who worked on the game had to 'look up' Fred Bassett because they didn't get the joke.

Here in Adelaide, Australia, Fred Bassett is still one of the daily comics in our newspaper (and I don't think I can recall it ever being funny, ever, just like so many of the other newspaper comics) so the reference in Ep3 certainly didn't go over my head.

Then again, I don't think Cathy has ever been run in Australian Newspapers, yet I've heard of it and possibly have read a strip or two...

So... what other newspaper comics are worth a reference? What ones do people like, and where in the world would you see them running?

My personal opinion is that the stuff for newspapers tends to be lame and unfunny because it has to be 'family friendly' therefore there's limited opportunity for areas to make jokes about. I've been more of a follower of a whole range of webcomics for the last 10 years, the artist get a lot more freedom to do what they like then :)

... well I thought I had a point when I started writing this, but it appears I don't really. Oh well, it's just ramble then.
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  • They meantion Garfield if you use the bug on him, but other than that, no other refferances.
  • There's the Perry Bible Fellowship which appears in the Guardian from time to time (which is strange seeing as it isn't usually that family friendly). Probably one of my favourite comics ever though.
    Sometimes it takes a few read throughs to get, but it's worth it (it's best to start from the older ones first).

    I've read Fred Basset a few times and it is definitely one of the most unfunny comics I've read (almost rivalling Garfield and Ctrl+Alt+Del).

    I read some of the Dilbert strips online quite a bit, they're usually good for a laugh, but I've not seen them appear in any newspapers over here though, just on calendars on compilation books.

    It's sad that most webcomics trash most of the stuff that appears in newspapers.
    Also, it'd be great to have Sam and Max appear in newspapers, but they probably wouldn't fit in with the small 3 panel layouts newspapers all seem to want and still keep everything I like about the longer comics.
  • And what's wrong with Ctrl+Alt+Del? It did spawn Wintereenmas and the Church Of Gaming, after all. :p
  • Fred Bassett is the worst comic strip ever..there are no jokes..there are no punchlines.. I remember having this conversation with my friends over 10 years ago.. how is that being published?
  • I was gonna mention Get Fuzzy! *shake fist* :p I loved Off the Mark when they had it in my paper now the only way I can see it is online.
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