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Silly talking. (May contain spoilers)

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Indeed. I enjoyed every moment of the game! It has such a nice and emotional story! I didn't get any bugs or everything, just barely noticeable glitches. Which game doesn't have 'em anyway?
Anyway, Let the Silly talking begin!

Some people say there is a romantic interaction between Lee and Carley! But I think the romantic interaction is more between Lily and Lee! What do you think?

Also, what will be your reaction if they're gonna get rid of Clementine? I wouldn't play the game anymore. xD

Why did you choose Doug and not Carley, or why Carley and not Doug?

Your opinion on Ben? He is the newest guy in the group, what personality do you think he has?

What are you expecting from the new survivors that are going to appear in the next episode?

Do you think Clem will consider Lee as her father? Why?

After all the episodes are released, and you finished the game.. Are you going to play it again, even if didn't have all the twists and turns because you already knew them?

This is a 'silly talking' thread, you can say everything in here, spoilers or not (Game related ofcourse), my apologies if someone already made a post like this.
Excuse my English, it's my second language.
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  • Clementine is in the image for the final chapter in the 'chapter select', so they won't be getting rid of her. Unfortunately Kenny is in the image for chapter 4, which means we have him and his annoying son for atleast another 2 chapters.
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