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Next one???

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When do you think they will come out with the next one? I'm so excited.
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  • I wish I knew too. I'd really like another Bone game, but we know nothing so far, except some vague reference to "revisiting the franchise in the future". Telltale, listen to your fans! Give us Bones!!!! :D
  • I agree - I'm definitely looking forward to another Bone game! Even more (dare I say it) than I am for S&M Season 2! The first two games inspired me to the buy the comic series (in a one-volume collection), and that's gotten me overly psyched about playing more games. I love you, Telltale, but I want something more definitely about Bone 3! Pretty please?:D
  • We wish we knew, too. We'd all love to make another Bone game, but it's not in the cards at the moment.
  • Is it just lack of resources holding things up, or more severe problems (ie, something with Jeff Smith?) Though I'm not necessarily expecting a straight answer there...
  • I'd guess that the reason for it's (temporary?) discontinuation is that Telltale's so busy with Sam & Max.
  • They should hire in more people, like they said in the past - so they'd be able to work on two different games at a time. But seeing they are also working hard on CSI right now, having a dead line and all, maybe... they'll get enough money so they can hire more people.
  • Front page says coming soon... but I have a feeling that it has been saying that for a long time.
  • I'm excited for a third game and I haven't even played the first two yet! :D
    (buying them tomorrow, hopefully!)
  • Yeah, definitely a third bone game. And more!

    I was a bit sceptical, seeing how i managed to complete the first one within 2 hrs. But, having just finished the second, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Didn't i read somewhere there was going to be 8 or 9 Bone Stories? Or is that just the comics?
  • I keep Bone in my heart, it meant a lot to me.
    It was a surprise, I mean, it's not that I like it that much (though I liked it and bought it:D) but it's been symbolically so important. It traced new hopes for nostalgic adventurers like me and a lot of people that love Telltale nowadays. It marked the return of fresh ideas for the entire genre and a company that's so close to the other one we once loved so much.
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