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So, how are you raising Clementine? [Spoilers]

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I didn't see a thread that asked this question, so I now ask it myself...

Personally, I'm going for a über-good Clem, who has an excellent moral compass, and who sees my Lee as someone that never steals or jabs people with pitchforks - admittedly, that means she's not very pragmatic, but at least I'm not a monster in her eyes.

I changed my mind after doing some thinking (that thinking being influenced by some of the posts here) and rerolled my game completely - ultimately, the only changes that affected Clem was my choice to steal from the car. It hurt to do it but I decided that she needs to learn that survival comes before anything else. However I also tried to instill in her other good values - I spared the brothers, tried to save Larry, etc...

So, basically, what choices did you make concerning Clem/when she was present? Also, what word did you teach her in the barn? I taught her manure, like a responsible father-figure (with a badass voice) :D
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  • I'm teaching Clem to still retain her personality and have a "bubble" around her. Episode 2 still didn't convince me that Clem should be treated a different way.
  • which most of us knights are doing but what i mean't was if we some how fail to save her i'd like ttg or some guide writers do make a step by step guide to saving clem IF it is possible or is her death actually unavoidable..
  • Pragmatic but moral. I had no problem killing the St. John brothers but opted not to steal from the car. For all the good it did as it was picked clean anyway.
  • Moral approach, but her safety is at the utmost top of the priority list. If that includes doing something that goes against the moral approach, so be it.

    That's why I did take the food from the car. We need it badly. She needs it badly. I haven't killed anyone I didn't have to tho.
  • Augurk wrote: »
    Moral approach, but her safety is at the utmost top of the priority list. If that includes doing something that goes against the moral approach, so be it.

    That's why I did take the food from the car. We need it badly. She needs it badly. I haven't killed anyone I didn't have to tho.

    I did not take the food and supplies from the car. I figured that me, Clem, and Lilly would be better off with the extra rations we had in the motor inn.
  • I told her that I know what the barn smells like and she chose to say doody which seemed age appropriate so I stuck with that. I told her I would help her find her hat and gave her 1/2 an apple. I reassured her where possible without deleberately lying to her. I fixed the swing for her to play on and pushed her on the swing. I gave her back her hat. I stopped her from eating the ST John's meal. I chose not to kill Larry in front of her cause I wanted to protect her from further acts of violence. I didn't kill Danny with the pitch fork which she seemed to appreciate. I beat Andy to a pulp until Carly stopped me then I walked away leaving him to the walkers after telling him his brother and mother were dead. On my second play through I didn't take the food from the car since she was adament that she wouldn't eat it any way because of her principles and seemed unhappy when I took the stuff from the car in my first play through. I was suprised when she held my hand after I told the group that Clem and I wouldn't take the food and the rest of the group could help themselves. It was touching moment that showed the development of their relationship. She is approving of Lee's behavior and trusting him as a carer and she is still alive in the next episode without taking the food and top so that seemed like the best way to go. There didn't seem to be a down side.

    When I looted the car on my first play through I convinced her that it was o.k to take the sweater because we didn't harm anyone to get it so we were not like the bandits. So she will be warmer but she still chose not to eat the food raided by the rest of the group and she didn't hold my hand. I thought the other scenario was more dramatic and a more emotional ending to the chapter.
  • dee23 wrote: »
    There didn't seem to be a down side.

    Until Episode 5, when your choices determine whether or not Clem-Clem survives. (If you were Moral, she dies being the kid she was, if you were pragmatic she lives but dies a little inside.).. It'd be the perfect way to end the season.
  • I'm raising her Pragmatic and Bubble when i can i tell her that this might pass and the world will get better but sometimes i have to tell her that we have to do that in order to survive, like with the car i had to get the food and the other supplies because it will help us survive, and i told her that we weren't bandits we didn't hurt anyone to get that... so i'm trying to be a good guy but at the same time i'm trying to survive... I told her that i was going to take care of that, i made her leave her house so the least i can do is keep her well fed and in safety...

    Lets see what the future as to offer :D... Great Episode 1 and even better Episode 2 BTW...
  • I tried to keep her shielded as much as possible in the first Episode, but by the second episode I'm convinced that's no longer a viable option, atleast over the long haul. So I've started to switch gears to pragmatic, e.g. I'll still give her hope that things'll get better, but she needs to know how to survive. Basically, as the saying goes: survival sucks, I want to do more than just survive, I want to live.

    I didn't kill the brothers, but that wasn't due to morality. By the time the second brother was taken care of, the family wasn't a threat anymore, and I figured with the state of the place, they'd be overrun by Walkers (what with the shooting) or killed by the bandits anyway, extending our stay in the area after the commotion just for the sake of exacting revenge felt like a bad idea.

    I did however steal from the car. Our group was starving (all Clem-Clem had to eat the whole day was half an apple). Sucks to be the owner (if they're alive), but her well-being comes first.

    Ultimately though, as Lee says, "I can't leave her alone" with the state of the world being what it is. Hopefully she picks up on the nuance of what's needed to live, while still having the ability to discern right from wrong when/if I'm no longer in the picture. If I get the feeling the waters are getting muddied there, morality's getting dropped from the class curriculum.
  • To clarify, the Bubble method of raising Clem means never being direct, and painting a lovey-dovey picture of the world. It's sort of a middle ground between a Moral Clementine and a Bag-of-Hammers/Duck-like view of the world...

    As it is, I'm loving the variety here (and sounding a bit like sisterofshane from that choices thread) , and I'm noticing that most people want their Clem to be moral. I also can understand wanting Clem to be a survivor - it's practical and looks to the future when/if Lee is gone. I don't entirely understand people still keeping a bubble around her after the St. Johns, but each to their own. What about the person that thought Clem was Walker bait? Why did you choose that option? Are you worried she'll slow you down or get in the way at a crucial moment?
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