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So, how are you raising Clementine? [Spoilers]

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I didn't see a thread that asked this question, so I now ask it myself...

Personally, I'm going for a über-good Clem, who has an excellent moral compass, and who sees my Lee as someone that never steals or jabs people with pitchforks - admittedly, that means she's not very pragmatic, but at least I'm not a monster in her eyes.

I changed my mind after doing some thinking (that thinking being influenced by some of the posts here) and rerolled my game completely - ultimately, the only changes that affected Clem was my choice to steal from the car. It hurt to do it but I decided that she needs to learn that survival comes before anything else. However I also tried to instill in her other good values - I spared the brothers, tried to save Larry, etc...

So, basically, what choices did you make concerning Clem/when she was present? Also, what word did you teach her in the barn? I taught her manure, like a responsible father-figure (with a badass voice) :D
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  • CapnJay wrote: »
    so was the land of the dead zombie leader

    I have learnt that his name is Big Daddy, and that he started a zombilution...
  • I have learnt that his name is Big Daddy, and that he started a zombilution...

    Are you talking about Alpha?
  • Topic derailment much?
  • Clementine is being raised well
  • *imagines Clem being raised by walkers*
  • Topic derailment much?

    Is that all you got? You fight like a dairy farmer! :P
  • Is that all you got? You fight like a dairy farmer! :P

    *Stabs you in the chest with a Pitch Fork*
  • Clementine watched you kill Danny
  • *Stabs you in the chest with a Pitch Fork*

    The meat'll be tainted... Andeeurgh.... *death*
  • Am I the only one that's been raising her with the Long Term in mind?.. Based on the Comics, which the Games' REALLY trying to keep true to, I don't see this having a happy ending... The way I see it, so far only 8 Peoples Clem-Clem's are gonna survive this, with 27 getting the Chomp.

    In fairness, I don't see moral/pragmatic as necessarily being mutually exclusive, except in certain scenarios (e.g. the decision to steal from the car or not, in which case morals lose). Understanding right/wrong is likely to be important if she needs to integrate herself into a "good" group of fellow survivors, i.e. a group that doesn't rape or shoot eat other in the face (bandits, I'm looking at you).

    I'd best describe my instruction as "do whatever you need to stay alive, then whatever you can to be decent". But, like I said, first indication the waters are getting muddied in that regard, morals are getting dropped from the curriculum.

    The only real option I see being unworkable is the "bubble" option. It's no longer really feasible to try and pretend the world hasn't gone to hell (particularly after Ep. 2), and it leaves her woefully unprepared for life going forward, especially when/if Lee's gone.
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