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Sam & Max Season One retail box is up on Amazon

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
I first noticed this over at Mixnmojo, but Amazon has put up the final box for The Adventure Company's upcoming retail release of Season One. It turned out nice!


They put a good amount of work and effort into it, and I think it shows. The front of the box opens up to a 3 panel fold-out which gives a brief (but very classy) visual overview of the last 20 years of Sam & Max, and is littered with press quotes and a sprinkling of awards. There's a decent-length (black and white) manual, and (from what I've been told, at least), the game will come in a jewel case instead of a paper sleeve, with the manual tucked inside as well. (And there's also the fold-out poster, and bonus disc which contains their behind the scenes featurette video, trailers, and other goodies)

Edit: And yes, before people ask, in addition to online retailers like Amazon, the game is definitely going to be in brick and mortar stores across North America, on the expected release date. We should have more on where you'll be able to walk in and pick up a copy soon.
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