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Xbox360 impossible to finish the episode 2 (game crash)

posted by bonobox on - Viewed by 157 users
Good evening

i just finished to play the episode two and the game carsh in the final scene.
The episode is finished, they game shows me the preview of the Episode 3 but when is time to show me the statistics of the game it's just crash and i have to go back in the dashboard.

When i lunch again the game and i load the savegame the episode 2 is not concluded (the option resume is still available and send me to the last scene).

In addition on the episode selection screen if i check the statistics for the second episode, again the game crash.

i just hope that for the 3rd episode the QA/QC and the beta test will be more reliable because during this episode the lag, the pauses, the synchronization between the animation and speech were really unsupportable, annoying for a game released in 2012
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