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I'm noob in PC 1st person and

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I figured out how to pick up the shotgun in the begining..
But how do I shoot the zombie cop?

every time i put the pointer on him it only lets me say things like "whats happening" not shoot him.

the interface i am familiar with are 3rd person like arcanum or fallout 1+2 (ok Im old )
when you hold a gun and lefdt click in those it shoots and reight click gets you to an action menu.

How do I use a firearm?
How to I pause games?
How do I save games?
How do I stand uand run away instead of cowering aganst the car?

I hear there are the wasd keys but they dindt seem to do anything for me in that first situation.

Any other special keys?


PS: Assume I know nothing
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  • And.. My screen is skewed to the right whenevr the game launches.
    At random times when I miniize and unminimize the game it fixes itself, but most of the time the picture is way off to the right of the screen
  • One more thing.
    Where is the "help" button and the owners manual?

    the game seems bereft of any ,meaningful controls and features I expect . Help!
  • To shoot the cop, you need to pick up the shotgun shell to Lee's right as well as the shotgun on his left. Once he has both he will load the gun, then you can get the cursor onto the cop and you should see an option for using it this time.

    There's no way to stand up and run away.
  • Thanks Gaming! :)

    Anyone have any answers on the other questions? :)
  • I believe you can pause the game by pressing the esc key on your keyboard. Games are automatically saved when you finish a scene. If you're talking about the part in episode 1 after the car crash, you have to cower against the cop car. There is no way to completely stand upright. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks!

    tried it again today.
    I loaded the shotgun by picking up the round and saw "my" hands loading it. but then whenever i put the cursor on the zombie and action clicked i would just keep talking not shooting.. :(
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