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Would you save Lee or Clementine?

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Throw out the caveat that the game would end if you were to let Lee die. At this point, if you were forced into a Doug/Carley situation and episode 3-5 were carried out from the perspective of *either* Lee or Clementine, who would you choose?
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  • Clementine

    try and make it more challenging i'll wait
  • At this point, Clem-Clem. Although it'd be good if it was based on your choices as her temporary Daddy...
  • Try turning this into a Poll...
  • i would pick Clementine, even though Lee is the main character, Clementine was introduced so early she is like the sidekick, plus if it wasn't for the fact they introduced a child into the game for us to look after i would have been very different in my approach to the game.
    because of her i was looking at the survivors as people that would care for Clementine or not, rather than just people that would wake me up if zombies came along while i slept which would have been how i saw other survivors if Clementine wasn't in the game.
  • if it wasn't for clementine. Lee might even avoid all groups.
  • CapnJay;640531 said:
    if it wasn't for clementine. Lee might even avoid all groups.
    yeah i thought about that, but my only concern is sleep, you could sleep in a tree(sort of safe) but wake up surrounded by zombies, anywhere you sleep is unsafe without someone to be on watch, that is why anybody in a zombie apocalypse needs at least 1 other person to keep them safe.
  • Title says it all
  • me cuz otherwise game would be over
  • dubesor;643789 said:
    me cuz otherwise game would be over
    Okay let's say you had to make the decision at the end of Episode 5 :)
  • selib;643788 said:
    Title says it all
    I would kill her if I had to.
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