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[TWD] Choices not carrying over PC

posted by caz322 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users

So I just completed episode 1 and my choices won't carry over.

I rewinded to the last chapter in episode 1 redid it and watched through the credits, selected episode 2 then play and it says doug is alive at the start when I saved carley?

Help appreciated

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  • Ugh! I'm having the exact same issue.

    Takes FOREVER to replay the last scene from Episode 1, watch the unskippable preview of Episode 2, then the unskippable credits from Episode 1, start Episode 2 only to find out that non of my choices have carried over.

    Have tried this about 3 times now! :(
  • Welcome to TellTaleGames.
    They will never acknowledge the bug, even less likely to fix it.

    A mime is more social than these guys.
    They never look on here and you'll be damned to post it in the discussion forum because moderators will throw it in here.

    So I recommend just screwing this game over and coming back when all the episodes are out. Because this is just a pain in the backside.
    Thanks to Steam's summer sale I now have much more/better games to play.
  • Yep, same issue here. I just created this account so I could reply.
    <rant>I am starting to get a little pissed-off buying games through Steam. The last 3 games I have bought have all had some little 'issue' which takes a day-and-a-half to try and debug. I really don't care if this is a telltale games issue - because I will not be purchasing anything else with the logo on it - or a Steam issue. I just want to play the freeking game, not spend days trolling forums to try figure out why it is rooted</rant>
  • Here we are. If it's not one thing, its the other. I just got through deleting ALL my save files just so I could play episode 2 again. To make sure I got all my choices in, I played through episode 1 only to find out that I did not side with Kenny in the drugstore and finding out that I saved Doug when I did the direct opposite of those things. I am playing on a mac. Any help?
  • PLUS are all the episodes going to take forever to come out? This is ridiculous! What a waste and it could be such a cool game. What better games did you find?
  • Calm down guys. I think developers exerted a good deal of efforts on the game to make it interactive this way. Sure there are bugs, but I'm quite certain that it will be tackled. I guess the bottleneck is that there is not enough moderators to send direct feedback to developers.
  • Same thing here. I completed episode 1 to find out when I try to load episode 2 none of my choices will carry over. It's basically, what was the point? Is there a fix for this? Is there a way around this?
  • Same thing happened to me i think its a ploy to get you buy 360 copy. I bought all ep's on 360 today due to all bugs on pc and i have had no issues go figure.
  • This issue has been around, I know, since at least when Episode 2 came out. Everyone should email their favorite gaming blogs and let them know there may be a story here. TTG only speaks to us through press releases, so perhaps that will get their attention?
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