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Game elements appearing in the Comic

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Alright, say this whole crazy thing ends with someone in the game not dead. Lilly excepted, whatever the status with her character is now, would you want to see Rick & Co. meet up with them in the comic? How would you like it to play out?

Something like a time-skip where we see Clementine, grown up a little, back-to-back with an older Michonne and they're having a kill-count contest?

Or, what other crossovers would you like to see, if only in reference to the game?

For example, it might be spiffy if they run across Kenny's fabled boat.

Any other thoughts?
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  • I like the idea, but if Clem or any other survivors are seen in the comics, Kirkman won't hesitate to kill them. Less likable characters would be welcome, imo, in the comic.
  • Let Kirkman bring in Daryl and kill him first.
  • I'm not a fan of the idea if only because it's implausible, The game's tread Rick's future path enough as-is. Staying at Hershel's farm, meeting Glenn, coming across Lilly... Keep them two seperate paths.
  • While I think the comic idea would be interesting, my thought was more in line with will elements of the game appear in the next book? The sequel to Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, is supposed to be out this year. When Lilly is introduced will she talk about what happened to her dad, the St. John cannibals, her group from Macon, etc.?
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