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Walking Dead Suggestions

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The Blog
Most Walking Dead players will not visit the Telltale Games blog. I suggest that, like Left 4 Dead 2, Telltale include an in-game blog that will keep the players up-to-date. Also, Telltale could use the in-game blog to conduct polling. Getting feedback from the forum is useful, but that is a small percentage of over a million players. Using the in-game poll will reach a wide audience and gave Telltale hard evidence about what its players think of its product.

Sometimes the spoken words and the subtitles do not match. This is rare so far (I noticed a discrepancy during the panicked radio broadcast). This is minor, but minor fixes add up to an improved game experience.

Release Time
Telltale will release about one episode per month, but if this could be shortened to one episode per three weeks or less, the players will be happy. If this is not possible due to game-issues, then fix the issues. I suggest a faster release because I notice people play and replay the episodes within about a week. The forum is very quiet after nearly everything has been discussed. The discussion will quickly return with a new episode.

TellTale is bringing the Walking Dead to iOS devices, making the Walking Dead available on seemingly every possible game platform: computer, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and now iOS devices. TellTale said, “We’ve spent a great deal of time carefully integrating our new interface design to create an even more intuitive experience with the touch screen”, so the transition from keyboard and controller to iOS devices should be smooth. Is there any other game platform that the Walking Dead could be released on?
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