Idea for CSI

I understand that Telltale makes interactive games but in the next CSI video game I would like to see maybe if you could create your own character and freely walk around and even drive around if that's not to much to ask.Make it more like the show, don't analyze all evidence but put some of it, put the lab people in (David Hodges,etc.) put in Doc Robins' assistant.Use the thing that sports game use where multiple names can be used and the characters actually say them instead of saying "parter".Maybe,just maybe could you make where cases aren't the same, like not always the same victim, evidence isn't always the same but there would be some kind of limit or at least make more then 5 cases. I know this is a lot to ask and could take a lot of time and money, but CSI is a hit tv show and I think this would draw more buyers and make the game even more fun. I would really appreciate if Telltale could reply back on this and just give it a thought!! Thanks SO much!!! :)

If anyone would like to talk to me privately please email me @

(I know the emails weird haha. But please Telltale just consider it!!)
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