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Walking Dead OSX Mouse Lag

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I've been playing through the Walking Dead game, and I'm most of the way through episode 2. I am playing on a 15" Macbook Pro with an i5, 8gb of ram with an Nvidia GT 330M gpu, 256MB vram. The graphics in the game look fine, my problem is with a lagging mouse. The game doesn't lag, it's just the mouse cursor. I'm using the trackpad on the MacBook, and I've also used a usb mouse, both still lag. I tried looking at the settings menus, but there doesn't seem to be anything there that can help. I've done a quick search on the forums here, and haven't found too much about this happening to anyone else. My computer usually runs much more graphics-intense games than this with no problem, it's just this game. It's getting annoying, especially with the time-sensitive parts. Any suggestion?
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  • have you tried to increase the sensitivity ? at least in the pc bui9ld there is an option

    possibly can you use your desktop settings to change the mouse speed ?
  • Same issue here. Snow Leopard, 2011 MBP.

    Tried lowering all graphics settings, but no difference. Please fix this, Telltale. The game feels so clunky like this.
  • Seems like this version of the game is missing hardware mouse acceleration.
  • Had to create an account just to reply to this. I have the same problem and it is sooooo annoying especially when you have to kick a zombie in the head or be accurate with the mouse...I have to replay things several times and pre-guess where to move my mouse too.

    My laptop is about 4 years old but it doesn't struggle with the game, literally just the mouse lag. I tried playing with the mouse sensitivity as well to no avail.

    Hope they fix it soon!
  • I also signed up just to post here. I've been playing episode 1 of TWD, and have really enjoyed it so far. I'm playing on OSX (on a MBP with VERY good specs) and the initial performance was very good, except for some occasional freezing. In my second session of playing the game, however, i ran into a game breaking glitch. The mouse remains riveted about 2/3 of the way up the screen, and if i try to move it, it will move, but suddenly snap back to the same spot. It makes it impossible to play. This happens regardless of whether i'm using a mouse or trackpad, and is really unfortunate, because from what i've played so far, the game has been really enjoyable. I really hope this gets fixed zoo, as I paid money for this game.
  • Yeah, this is a real problem with the os x version.
    You can increase the sensitivity, but I found that if I restarted the game the lag would be gone for a while. I hope it's better in ep. 3 but my fingers are not crossed. :| It's not game breaking just a small annoyance.
  • Just spotted this on my girlfriend's MacBook Pro. I'm surprised the issue is still hanging around.
  • iMac, Mountain Lion, no problems.
  • Guys, I also just registered to post here, but in my case I might have the solution for you. At least it worked for me

    Damn, this game is so weird... I tried the same trick to get rid of another bug Im experiencing (object text not readable - text glitch), which is turning full-screen off and on.
    It didnt work, but I tried disabling full-screen, than clicked somewhere on my desktop, and re-enabled full-screen. Tadaa, the black mouse cursor from the OS disappears.

    I hope it works for you too, Im using a Mac 15inch newest OS X, nvidia gt 650m, intel 7.
  • I use an apple magic mouse for playing the game. The mouse sometimes seems laggy in the game, but for the most part, it works fine.
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