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Sam's OMG comments

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I just finished episode 4 and i decided to try and put together a list of all of Sam's "Holy frigidaire Batman!" quotes (Dont know what else to call them <_<; ) from all the episodes since i find them especially amusing, for e.g.:

"Sweet suffering Saint Sebastian on the sousaphone in a short story by Susan Sontag"

Funny? Well, they certainly seem to put a smirk on my face but as you can see, they're not particularly easy to take down. So, if there is some sort of list like this already put together by some like-minded individual such as myself, direction to this list would be required, else any contribution made by fellow fans would be greatly appreciated. I shall edit this post with the quotes submitted henceforth, giving credit to those who had submitted them.

In advance, i thank those who will help me in this crusade. Your names will be remembered in any and all future crusades that i may or may not be crusading on provided that i am not already crusading those particular crusades right now, though id probably have to look at the list to every time i was on a crusade because i dont think i would be able to remember all your names, i mean i wont be able to commit them to memory unless there's like, one particular person who submitted a whole bunch of quotes... yeah, id probably remember that guy...

I should probably stop typing now.

The list thus, far (in alphabetical order):

[*]"Blessed scuba-diving Buddha on a banana boat with cocktail onions and a map to the stars' homes!" - Submitted by Chuck
[*]"Great grinning head of John the Baptist in a porkpie hat stuffed in a rhinestone bowling bag!" - Submitted by Maratanos
[*]"He's crazier than a caffeine-addled dingo in an Adelaide maternity ward!" - Submitted by Molokov
[*]"Holy gouts of magma on a beeline for the orphanage!" - Submitted by Molokov
[*]"Holy leaping saints aplenty riding sideways on a candy pink fat boy!" - Submitted by tabacco
[*]"Sweet suffering Saint Sebastian on the sousaphone in a short story by Susan Sontag!" - Submitted by Me

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