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Forgive me father for I have sinned (spoilers)

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Yeah, just kidding about being remorseful for my decisions. I had no choice.


On a lighter note, this game owns.

Got the game on steam during the summer sale, and must say one of the best games I've played all year; I just beat the first two chapters in one sitting. (zombie fest)

My thoughts; Awesome gameplay, reminds of a mix between "Shenmue" and "Resident Evil" with the storytelling and relevant decision making like "Starwars Kotor".

Well, there's been much debate about "who did what", so I wanted to tell everyone what my decisions were.

First, I had no choice but to kill Lilly's father Larry (those are their names right? It's late). First, the guy was a real jerk; and despite his lack of compassion and benevolence, the real icing on the cake was the notion of me being UNWILLING TO RISK the safety of my group (And clem. Think I'm willing to risk the safety of Clem for this cankerous curmudgeon? Think again.)

You guys have seen the movie "Dawn of the dead" remake, right? Remember when that huge lady was dying in the mall? How many of you were thinking "OMG SOMEONE HAS TO GET THIS WOMAN OUT OF THERE!" - I was unwilling to endanger my party with a similar situation.

Did I regret it after? Well yeah, it was a shady move, but ultimately and realistically, it's a calculated risk worthy of taking. If you play chess, you're cognizant that often times you sacrifice a pawn or rook to protect the remainder of your army, and your queen; part of war is statistical sacrifice and prevention. (Thanks to my boy, there was no need for double tap).

Later, regarding the "farm brothers" (I forget their names), I accidentally LET THE FIRST ONE LIVE (the dude with his leg in the trap); I don't really feel bad about it, because I wouldn't want clem's confidence in me to be shaken. The character development in this game is topnotch; usually I'm a tough guy but I'm glad she didn't see me kill him. I felt bad for letting him live in a way, because Lilly was even more pissed off that I let him live. Lilly, I understand you're upset. :D

After punching the second guy out via brutal ground and pound, and him talking smack "FINISH THIS!" I figured "kicking him" would just kick him in the face or something, but to my horror I kicked the dude into the electric fence (owned). I kinda regret that, cause again I wouldn't want Clem and the rest of the group to see me brutalize someone without just cause.

Realistically, they both deserved "ultimate justice" because, well they cut off my companion's legs and were willing to serve him for supper. Would anyone really let these people live and grant them future opportunities to pray upon others? The statistics at the end surprised me. WHY DID THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE LET THEM LIVE TO PRAY UPON FUTURE VISITORS?!?!?! Crazy talk.

I looted the car; my rationale was, well, survival. To justify my guilty conscience I assured myself that anyone worthy of longterm survival would have at LEAST LOCKED THE DOORS AND TAKEN THEIR KEYS. (I lock my keys if I run into 7-11 for 30 seconds, why wouldn't this shmuck lock his doors in Armageddon situation?) In all probability, the rightful owner of the food and items are dead. (Or daft). In any event, me and my crew are more worthy of its sustenance.

Oh yeah, I hacked that teacher's leg off after trying to break the chain, and knowing time was up, I had to make a move. Sorry chief. (Things didn't work out well for him in the end anyway).

How brutal is this game? Lol. Epic.

Rating: 10/10
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  • Yeah it's okay, I'm still waiting for the game to get started really, ive played both episodes over 10 times, and I've noticed that we are only given what seems like free choice, but no more than mass effect, the end decisions are still dead or saved, not reAlly a game changing mechanic.
  • I'm somewhat of a "lazy" gamer, so this was perfect for me.

    Good story, good RPG elements, good action, good cinema, and was relatively "easy". (Honestly, the hardest part of the game were the decisions, which is a good change).

    Win/win/win/win for me.

    Some of the best games ever (baldurs gate, kotor, shenmue come to mind) had a great story. It's all about the story and characters. This game has that.

    "Take me high, take me low, just don't leave me.. The way I was"-Jim Rohn

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