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Need PC Gamer review scores.

posted by Mercury2142 on - last edited - Viewed by 560 users
PC Gamer in the UK have a page where readers send in their reviews for games, for prizes. They were very harsh on the whole of season one, and that bothers me, so I'm gonna write a review. I'm not sure if I'll choose one episode, or find the average score and do the whole season, but either way I havn't read it for several months, and I don't have the scores they gave the episodes. Does anyone have them? Thanks.

Oh, and again: This is for the UK version.

(Also, I know they put a database of review scores on their disc, but I lost it.)
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  • I stopped reading PC Gamer a long, long time ago. #1, I got sick of the editor, #2, I got sick of the advertisements, #3, the magazine was getting worse every month.
  • The US PC Gamer and the UK PC Gamer are entirely different pubs. The US mag's reviews were very favorable all season, and the UK's reviews... weren't.

    Mercury, you should be able to see all of PC Gamer UK's scores by looking up Sam & Max on GameRankings.
  • Its funny pc gamer UK were quite big supporters of sam and max so i'm not sure why they rubbished the season
  • Season One could've been better in some areas, sure, but I wouldn't call it bad by any means... :/
  • Well, I found them. If anyone's interested, they were, episodes 1 to 6:
    61%, 65%, 58%, 72%, 67%, and 52%.
    The average was 62%.
  • Woah!!! Those scores are terrible! What bizzare and convoluted reason did they have for such dreadful numbers?
  • They shall pay for their insolence!
  • AdamG;35327 said:
    Woah!!! Those scores are terrible! What bizzare and convoluted reason did they have for such dreadful numbers?
    Because Tell Tale forgot to put a tenner in the box.

    Update: Before someone mentions it, YES, I am aware of the complete lack of box. Please don't be pedantic. Anyway, first draft coming soon. Want to make sure my fellow fans won't lynch me for what I say ;)
  • Well, this is more an amalgamation of ideas than a final review, but we do have a word limit of "Around 220 words". Thoughts, anyone?

    Reviewing Sam and Max episode by episode is a bit like saying Lost is crap because you only saw that damn stupid polar bear episode; taking one low point and dragging it across a whole series. So I’m going to review the whole season, based on your average score per episode.
    The new, episodic S&M (oh, it sounds so dirty…) is a definite move from the classic Lucas Arts point n’ clicker. Out goes edgy social satire, in comes Pythonesque silliness. Of course, no sitcom is complete withput running gags, and they are present- “What’s Boscos’s disguise this month?” “What’s Sybils’s new job?” and of course “What’s the new souvenir in the closet?” Many of our hero’s wise cracks do hit home, unlike your reviewers who must have had a sense of humour failure on writing day. Or maybe they had fond memories of the original over riding good sense. I don’t blame you, so did I. Despite the major humour differences (And let’s face it, that’s where S&M’s heart really lies), Season one proved to be an equally enjoyable, equally funny and equally “Damn it, I’m Googling for a walkthrough” experience (and not to mention budget friendly) to match that of the original. The puzzles are often tricky, yet with logical solutions. Please, PCG, please- re-review when you get the retail edition and see the light.

    My score: 80% (Hey, by my standerds, that's awesome. But I never give a game anything higher than 90.)
  • Not a bad review. If you don't go over 90, you seem to have given it a really high score...
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