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( IPAD ) Restoring/Transferring Recent Purchases ?

posted by WizzY on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I see there is no button for " restoring purchases ".

This may be a stupid question to others, but I am new to IPad games since I recently purchased Walking Dead for $ 4.99.

I must say - the game is extraordinary. Mastered storytelling and beautiful animations. In short, it's one hella'f a game !

But I have a problem. A question more like it.
I purchased Walking Dead MULTI- SEASON PACK in my other IPad and well .... I'm not sure if I purchased it correctly but I did see the " advertisement " disappear so I am assuming I purchased it.

Anyways, I am planning to transfer all my recent purchases on my other iPad to my new one since my other iPad is to be used for work. But I see no option that states " restore purchases ".

I don't want to click purchase again to see if I don't have to pay for it or pay again for it. I need some confirmation that once I purchased it through my Apple account, will I be able to transfer it to my new IPad without paying again ?

Long story short, how am I suppose to transfer my purchases from my old IPad to my new one for I have purchased the MULTI SEASON PACK thingie ... ?

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  • I just had a software failure and iTunes wiped my data on my iPad and I had to do a total restore. I just purchased the pre-order this morning, but it's not showing up. I don't mind having to do the first episode again. i liked the game enough, but i won't pay another $15 if I can't restore my purchase.
  • FYI, if you purchased the IAP and then "purchase" it again using the same App store account, it will not charge you again. It will say "You've already purchased this, click Ok to get it for free". Of course, it only does this AFTER it's told you it's going to charge you $15 and asks for your password :)
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