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  • I guess the moral of the story here is that if you want a HD remake, don't go to Idol Minds.

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    Well I finished Gladiator HD.

    3 Things stick out other than the glitches.

    The cutscenes (Like the opening,ending and inbetween planet) are not in widescreen and I'm not even sure if they are in HD (Again I'm not sure.)

    There is no trophy for beating the game, When I beat it I thought the game glitched and I didn't get it but in fact for whatever reason there is no trophy for it.

    Lastly I think the game's trophy icons are reused from the other Ratchet games. The reason why I say this is I looked at a trophy guide on PS3Trophies.org and the platinum trophy's icon for some weird reason was that scientist guy who gave Ratchet,Clank,Qwark, and Nefarious. RYNO parts in All 4 One is the icon. I'm not sure if the icons are reused or not but I think they might have.

  • Well I forgot to mention it here but I finally got the platinum trophy for Ratchet & Clank QForce and Nexus. Let me tell you, Nexus took a lot and I mean A LOT of effort to get it. It's a short game yes but playing it multiple times without much breaks really get boring. The way I see it is unless you do everything perfectly on first play through (Like getting gold bolts, RYNO parts, vault keys, and other stuff) along with trophies like get kind of every boss and enemy with the nightmare box) then it can take 3 or 4 playthroughs to get this. Including Beating challenge mode, getting every weapon, gold weapon, everything leveled up to level 6. Buying all the armor etc. On top of this, the game decides to on harder difficulty modes turn exactly back to the health system I hated with the PS2 trilogy and Tools of Destruction. What I mean is that until Quest for Booty/A crack in time, the health system had a annoying way that despite leveling Nanotech up, you still died in 3 or 4 hits. If you got armor, you could survive longer but it still makes the Nanotech leveling system feel worthless. That problem was thankfully fixed with A Crack in Time which finally made it feel like it was worth leveling the Nanotech up to get more hits.

    But with Nexus, the problem returns when you play normal difficulty (I think) and it really is annoying. Even with The nether armor, Ratchet still dies in 6-8 hits and remember by this time I was close to leveling up Nanotech fully .

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