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Blizzard on cloud nine to diablo3 players number more than 10 million

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By July 31, 10 million players have crowded into the diablo 3 awful server, not surprisingly,should also including you.
According to the vendor new statistics, the diablo 3 sales of digital to July 31, has reached 10 million, for a on May 15, the game is not released for the digital enough to move on and blizzard feel a sense of pride. Developer blizzard had earlier said, in order to give special high level of the player a reason to play the diablo 3, they are continuing to make the "highest content", improve the difficulty of the game. Opinion, though blizzard has also admitted to the diablo 3 "after the game time too short, but for now, the player to the passion is still very high. Today, you play to diablo3?
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  • While I've heard that Diablo 3 has nothing over Diablo 2, I'm glad it's taking users away from WoW. I really hate that game and the more folks that abandon it, the better.
  • Johro;646892 said:
    I really hate that game and the more folks that abandon it, the better.
    People will never abandon WoW. Not because it is a good game (it clearly isn't) but because they know the game and all their friends are there. And that level 80 Paladin is so cool and it would be a shame to abandon it.
  • Pretty sure that's a spambot. Also, it was 10m sales not 10m players. Apparently they usually have around 800 people in public games at once at this point.
  • I have bought it, finished it once lost interest.
    My cousin had a lot of fun with my copy of the game though. He has his own copy now because I wanted my account back after a month.
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