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WALKING DEAD...on the PC or iPad?

posted by Moro on - last edited - Viewed by 5.8K users
I want to download walking dead - but im not sure if i should get the ipad version or the PC version

My Ipad 3 has double resolution but im worried ipad controls (lacking any keys) might be annoying and perhaps the PC version might be better?

Anyone know which is better?

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  • Hmmm Thanks
    I think ill go with the PC version
  • I bought it on the Ipad and I thought it was all quite awesome. But I couldn't hold myself and bought the game on Steam, just to get access to episode 2.

    I noticed the Ipad game had lower texture resolutions, a bit wonky controls and sometime when scenes are switching you get a tiny bit of lag.
  • If the PC version is an option go with it without a doubt.
  • I have it on the iPad, and on the PC. I prefer the PC so much more because the iPad gets laggy on some scenes, and the controls are weird.
  • i hear lots of people saying the controls for the walking dead on the ipad are bad. i have played twd on the ipad and the controls aren't bad at all, nor are the graphics. in fact the walking dead is excellent on the ipad however, i would prefer the pc version because it has better graphics.
  • I had no problem with ipad controls, they worked fine for me :D
  • Zeruis wrote: »
    Here you are:

    Pc/Mac version: Nice controls, lots of bugs.
    iPad version: Bad controls, hardly any bugs.

    Pick your poison.

    PC Version had 0 bugs for me.
  • CTCCoco wrote: »
    PC Version had 0 bugs for me.

    I think every version has at least one bug(Clementine's speaking animation plays at the end of episode 3 when she's not talking), but they're so hard to notice that they have virtually no impact.

    Either way, I'd agree with PC version as well.
  • I hear iPad control wasn't good in the other forum. I'm sure someone'll be along to tell you.

    I am a disabled individual and can only use my left hand. I was going to buy walking for my pc. I just want to know if there a demo for the game to see if I can play.:confused:
  • PC. Get it on the PC. Nothing else, just on the PC.
    Join the glorious PC gaming master race.
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