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An Industrial Fantasy/Steampunk MMO?

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Hey all, I'm Stanley and I work for an indie games developer. We are now creating a title of our game,a browser-based Industrial Fantasy MMO under the name City of Steam.

If you've known of City of Steam and been keeping an eye on it since the game went public, be sure to keep an eye on our dev journals for up-to-date game development.

To those that don't know what City of Steam is (no surprise there, we're an indie developer, so getting widespread recognition is a relatively harder for us), it's an industrial fantasy/steampunk MMORPG, lightweight enough to play on even older computers and accessible straight from your browser. Even then, thanks to Unity 3D and a lot of in-house tools, we've managed to still make it look quite impressive, and all stored in but a few megabytes!

And this isn't just some average fantasy world with a few steampunk elements thrown in, oh no! The entire world itself is a mechanism of gears and spokes, with pipes and boilers as ancient as the world itself. Current civilizations are build upon these, and these industrial aspects are simply part of the world's history and daily life; races such as humans and elves do exist, but they live alongside dwarves that are part-machine, robotic toilers that roam the land, and both magical and mechanical monstrosities that threaten their existence. Here is a quick look at the world City of Stema is based upon:


For a better picture of the game, check our latest Closed Beta Trailer, a lot has changed and imporved since then, but it can still give a good idea for what we plan to make of our game:

Hey everyone, hope you found some time to stop by and play the game at PAX last weekend. But how about getting to know some pre-PAX preparations? Actually we've got a new Dev Journal about that, hit the link below for more details. And be sure to stay tuned as we'll have a PAX recap very soon!

Remember, we’re moving up on Greenlight but we need your help, so keep voting and spreading the word. We’re getting so close!

We may be a small developer, but we’re very receptive to player feedback too, and strive to openly discuss the development process. Feel free to share your thoughts, and I’ll personally answer any questions you may have.
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