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Games To Play Between Installments

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This should be a good one to return to. Recommend games to play in the meantime instead of waiting for Walking Dead. I'm not going to suggest genres or whatever, but for mine I'll start with substitutions in case someone wants something similar. Feel free to suggest anything else.

Games Like Walking Dead:
Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy: Two names for the same game. Pretty linear and tough to lose. Control three different characters in a story about cults, mystic powers and a missing third act. Dialogue trees aren't bad, choices don't matter much and QTEs are handled by a Simon Minigame. (PC, PS2, XBox, 360)

Heavy Rain: The spiritual successor to Fahrenheit. Every choice seems to do something and the story can go to many places along a linear track. Everyone can die in the finale and the game will still go on to a satisfying ending. (PS3)

Silent Hill Shattered Memories: In Silent Hill 1, you played as a guy who went to a foggy hell to rescue his daughter. This is that story again, but told through therapy sessions and chase sequences. You change the world by periodic evaluations and by interacting with the world (ie, the game takes notes if you ogle sexy images). It's survival horror, which may turn some off but has some good replay value. (Wii)

The other side of this is the adventure game. Point and click your way through a (usually funny) story, solve puzzles and check Universal Hint System when something doesn't make sense.

Adventure Games
Tales of Monkey Island: You're Guybrush Threepwood, a seasoned Mighty Pirate, and you fight your old nemesis LeChuck in the 5th installment of a series of 4 good games (1, 2 and 3 were good). Point and click through 5 COMPLETED episodes. Yay. (PC, Wii)

Full Throttle: Don't want something so silly? Play the story of Ben, the leader of the Polecat biker gang. Flying cars are phasing out bikes, so it's up to you to protect the last manufacturer. Most puzzle solutions involve injury. (PC)

Psychonauts: Want the depth of an Adventure Game without the wonky control? Psychonauts is an action platformer where you play as a kid at a psychic summer camp. Learn to burn things with your mind and earn the title of Psychonaut. Come for the pretty colors and silly designs, stay because the world is batshit insane and stay out of the secret room. (PC, PS2, XBox)

Any other suggestions?
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  • Milosuperspesh;648491 said:
    lol he has his moments..
    Hahahaha who are you again?
  • Another reccomendation: Karaoke! All you need is a speaker, amp and microphone. There's a lot of songs on youtube including hits like:

    The Banana Boat Song
    Are You Down With The Sickness
    The Power Rangers Theme (Extended)
    Ring of Fire
    Weird Al's Polka Face
    Rolling In The Deep
    The Power of Love
    The Rainbow Connection

    And much much more!
  • Master of Aeons;648673 said:
    How is 3? I love 1 and 2 is fun, but has six minutes of story. Anything good happen in 3 or is it just Max doing something completely new and pointless?
    Rockstar do a really good job, helps to know portugese (they reveal the main twist if you do) they put alot of emphasis on the general degradation of society as a whole due to greed and specifically the widening gap between rich and poor and it's concequences, apart from that they make great visualisations on maxes addiction and broken mental state, plus the original leather coat max missions are amazing! Get it, one of the more engaging storylines ive played in a while (apart from walking dead obviously :p)...multiplayer is fun and they manage to incorperate bullettime well by slowing everyones screens if they are in your sight :) well worth buying!
  • ommmnomnomnom;650345 said:
    Hahahaha who are you again?
    not sure what your getting at..

    are you attempting to imply irony of my statment ?
  • Milosuperspesh;650394 said:
    not sure what your getting at..

    are you attempting to imply irony of my statment ?
    You be the judge, you know me better than anyone dude :)
  • ommmnomnomnom;650398 said:
    You be the judge, you know me better than anyone dude :)
  • L4D2 is a good game to fill your Zombie itch.
  • Milosuperspesh;650401 said:
    It's all love, I'm glad we came to mutual understanding about a simple question of who you are. Also how do you describe colour to a blind person?
  • Jedted;650405 said:
    L4D2 is a good game to fill your Zombie itch.
    depends on how much you like 'fog' used to lvoe versus but it got boring with such one sided teams..

    you can describe colours to a blind person if you match a colour to a feeling..

    blue is cold, red is hot, orange warm/sunny, green is illness/sick, brown could be dirt or shit...
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