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That Guy With The Glasses Thread

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This is a thread to one of the most funniest reviewers and actors on the internet . The Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker. The Nostalgia Critic has given such wonderful jokes such as A BAT CREDIT CARD, or TIMING!, and such good videos and reviews such Casper,Top 11s,Batman & Robin,Old vs New Batman and i'm sure people remember his fight with the Nerd (another very funny reviewer on the internet) So anyway go ahead and talk about anything about The Nostalgia Critic. You can even talk about other people such as AVGN,Linkara,The Nostalgia Chick,Bum Reviews.

My question is what is your favorite Nostalgia Critic episode?

Mine is a tie between Top 11 Simpsons episodes,Top 11 Batman episodes,Junior,Batman & Robin, and Old vs New Batman vs The Dark Knight but if i had to pick i would say ether Junior or Top 11 Simpsons episodes.
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  • I agree that many of his newer reviews is better than his old but i wish he would stop doing so many crossovers. I wish he would do more Angry Joe,Linkara or Nostalgia Chick crossovers..or another CR crossover.

    ...okay. At least you got a period in there before you completely 180'ed.
  • Well i should change that i ment to say i wish he would stop doing so many random crossovers and i ment i wish he would space out the crossovers.
  • I wish he would learn to research the material beforehand or get a semblance of knowledge about what he's doing s he doesn't look like a fricking idiot when he says shit like "Donovan was the villain in Raiders".

    And I REALLY wish he wouldn't excuse it by saying "durr yeah I don't really research I admit it I'm dumb but I'll continue to not research".

    This isn't a nitpick. It's a legitimate problem. When you know the material and understand what you're making fun of, it shows, and it makes you look better in the process. It also makes your material better, but I guess none of that matters to Doug Walker as he's all about cheap laughs.

    He still makes me laugh because I'm a shitbag, but whatever.
  • Oh i just remembered one of my favorite episodes and jokes. Ill tell you the joke you guys guess the episode. Two words. Rapping Dog ;)
  • That's what I mean, he just reviews what he thinks will be great material or what Rob brings him. There's no interest on his own behalf. At least most of the other reviewers stick to genres and similar styles, you know, because that's what they watch/play/read anyway. I know he has a lot of work, but the art is suffering. Maybe he needs to slow down with NC. He's already run the well of his personal knowledge dry. He really dug himself into a hole with his gimmick though. It's not like there's new older films coming out and the rate of new material(lets say 2-3 movies that reach his maturity goal every year) keeps up with his weekly reviews. I liked when it was more black and white of films he hated and films he liked, even if they weren't what you thought. Now, it does just seem like he's doing whatever.

    They aren't bad. I just don't find myself as anxious in awaiting them as I used to be. I still watch them, but sometimes I let a few pile up beforehand.
  • I don't know...It seemed he really hated Indiana Jones and the number 1 pick for the Top 11 Simpsons episodes it connected with Doug (Go watch the episode to see what the number 1 pick is.)
  • Im surprised Mother Simpson wasn't on the list it was sadder and more dramatic then Bart gets an F. The sad music he was playing over his review of Bart gets an F was from Mother Simpson.
  • Well the Simpsons, he grew up with so yeah, that one was better and a bit more level(even if I think he made some weird choices) and Temple was a bit of a surprise that he chose the relatively unpopular opinion. It's a love or hate film and he usually tries to avoid those or walks an unopinionated line when reviewing them. That, I'll admit, was a light in what has lately been a sea of mediocrity. I rather enjoyed that review.
  • He should grow a second pair of balls and do Matilda anyway.
  • Yeah the ending to Mother Simpson where Homer sits on the car looking at the sunset with the sad music was really sad :(.
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