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That Guy With The Glasses Thread

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This is a thread to one of the most funniest reviewers and actors on the internet . The Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker. The Nostalgia Critic has given such wonderful jokes such as A BAT CREDIT CARD, or TIMING!, and such good videos and reviews such Casper,Top 11s,Batman & Robin,Old vs New Batman and i'm sure people remember his fight with the Nerd (another very funny reviewer on the internet) So anyway go ahead and talk about anything about The Nostalgia Critic. You can even talk about other people such as AVGN,Linkara,The Nostalgia Chick,Bum Reviews.

My question is what is your favorite Nostalgia Critic episode?

Mine is a tie between Top 11 Simpsons episodes,Top 11 Batman episodes,Junior,Batman & Robin, and Old vs New Batman vs The Dark Knight but if i had to pick i would say ether Junior or Top 11 Simpsons episodes.
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  • I kind of like the non-review parts of the video.

    The Critic isn't just about criticism. There's more to his character than just pointing out flaws and being angry at movies. I like videos that have a little bit of character to them. That's what kept me invested in AT4W.

    The Pre-Demo Reel NC started to get predictable and tiresome after a while, which is why Doug decided to take the hiatus in the first place. Go on screen, introduce movie, bitch and moan and crack jokes for about twenty minutes, end review, rinse and repeat. The reason I like the new reviews because they give him a chance to mix up the humor a little bit.

    On the other hand, I do enjoy the editorials. His insight into how movies and TV work is always interesting. However, it's not just him constantly being angry.
  • Don't get me wrong, i don't think the non review parts are awful but i do feel he needs to balance them. Because personally i thought he lost focus on The Cat in the Hat review too much just to go over the same thing over and over again. Which then made the review itself pay because the second half of the movie was rushed and even out of order in parts.
  • Yays!

    EDIT - The Insano sketch went on a fraction too long, but was still funny as hell.

    EDIT 2 - Wait, he just rage-quits before the game's finished? He's actually done with it? Weak.
  • Wow. Ross even got on the main page scroll. I guess he's officially filed under Team TGWTG and his video hub name Accursed Farms. Good for him.
  • Darth Marsden;795399 said:
    EDIT 2 - Wait, he just rage-quits before the game's finished? He's actually done with it? Weak.
    Don’t worry, folks, I will review XIII-2, and naturally, I can’t address the events of that game without covering the endgame of XIII. Don’t worry that the “ragequit” ending was the end of FF13. Basically I was trying to illustrate that THAT was the exact point where I quit the game in real life.
    Not 100% cool with that, but it's better than nothing. I guess.
  • Darth Marsden;795831 said:
    Hmm.Not 100% cool with that, but it's better than nothing. I guess.
    Well all of his FF reviews used footage from Sean. Because it would take way too long for him to play it himself and then watch the footage again.
  • Rage quitting on FFXIII? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! FFS, the only Final Fantasy games I rage-quitted were X and XII, and X I went back to and finished. XIII wasn't exactly a challenge.

    Also, I was ready to go hunt down a Nostalgia Critic when I saw his latest review was of Jurassic Park. Luckily it was one of his "I love this movie, but I'm going to point out some of the goofy shit they did in it" reviews, though he did tease that he'll be getting to the big stinker of the JP franchise.
  • Well, he HAS already done The Lost World, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before he tackled another from the franchise. MikeJ's already done JP3, but it'll be interesting to see the Critic's take on it.
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