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That Guy With The Glasses Thread

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This is a thread to one of the most funniest reviewers and actors on the internet . The Nostalgia Critic played by Doug Walker. The Nostalgia Critic has given such wonderful jokes such as A BAT CREDIT CARD, or TIMING!, and such good videos and reviews such Casper,Top 11s,Batman & Robin,Old vs New Batman and i'm sure people remember his fight with the Nerd (another very funny reviewer on the internet) So anyway go ahead and talk about anything about The Nostalgia Critic. You can even talk about other people such as AVGN,Linkara,The Nostalgia Chick,Bum Reviews.

My question is what is your favorite Nostalgia Critic episode?

Mine is a tie between Top 11 Simpsons episodes,Top 11 Batman episodes,Junior,Batman & Robin, and Old vs New Batman vs The Dark Knight but if i had to pick i would say ether Junior or Top 11 Simpsons episodes.
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  • Shadowknight1;652292 said:
    I wish he would do a little research on some of these things though. Watching his top 11 coolest cliches and he's talking about how composers use "nonsensical words" to sound like a dead language, and immediately pops up "Duel of the Fates" as an example when that song's lyrics are sanskrit. Yes, when translated into English, it is gibberish, but still real language here. Also, he finished that one off by saying, "What's next, a Star Trek choir singing Klingon?"

    There is a choir chanting in Klingon in this song from Star Trek VI.
    Remember this? I'm wondering if maybe the Critic is clairvoyant.

    The track "The Kronos Wartet" from the Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack has singing in Klingon.
  • Shadowknight1;797174 said:
    I think JJ Abrams just knows a cool idea when he hears it.
  • So now that The Critic has a good amount of episodes out what does everyone think?
  • I knew Linkara was the Green Ranger.
  • I'm not so sure about the new-style direction the Critic's been taking, to be honest. Sure we've had some great films covered, but I get the feeling he's only doing them because they're big names, not because he really wants to do most of them. On top of that, the little skits really get in the way most of the time and the summation at the end never really seems all that... angry, I guess. It always sounds like the end of a kids play where someone explains everything away with a 'and they lived happily ever after'.

    Still love the Cat in the Hat review though.
  • I liked the review but felt he was too focused on the director part that he didn't pay enough attention to the last half of the film even reviewing some parts out of order.
  • ryannumber1gamer;805608 said:
    So now that The Critic has a good amount of episodes out what does everyone think?
    I've actually been going back and rewatching old Critic. Haven't been paying much attention to his new stuff. And God, I really wanted to slap Doug and Rob in their Sibling Rivalry episodes of Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel. For f***'s sake, there are only THREE DAMN LINES taken from Wrath of Khan for Into Darkness! THREE!!! They're acting like there was no original dialogue at all when it was MOSTLY NEW DIALOGUE! ARGH!!!!!!! And I didn't make it far into their Man of Steel review because I really think they're wrong. Man of Steel was amazing.

    Oh, and I have been enjoying his Avatar: The Last Airbender VLOGS. There was one episode that he didn't like that I really did, and I didn't really get why he didn't like it(can't remember which now) and I was surprised by the fact that he mostly liked "The Great Divide" but when I look back on it, that would have been a really solid episode if Aang hadn't made up some BS to make them stop fighting. But all in all, I'm glad he's enjoying the series and I think that the Critic's review of The Last Airbender should be interesting.
  • They mostly have been good although he as I stated I feel he does tend to stop focusing on the film too much to go into sub-plots and this is the most obvious in The Cat in the Hat review where he reviews parts of the movie out of order and it just feels like he rushes the second half of the movie.
  • I'm not a big fan of the new format of the series. I still like the reviews, but I don't like it when he stops a review dead in its tracks for 5 minutes so they can do a comedy sketch. It's why I didn't watch the AI review until a couple weeks after it came out.
  • I actually enjoyed the TMZ parts of the AI review, I've never seen it but from what The Critic said about it, it looked like a load of shit.
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