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DVD version wont stop crashing

posted by Gutcruncher on - last edited - Viewed by 277 users
Edit: Wow, Im retarded. Completly forgot to mention in the title that this is Sam & Max Season 1

I was able to play through the downloaded episodes with only a single crash, but I got my DVD in the mail and am playing from that and it keeps on crashing to desktop totally at random. Not just when a scene loads or something, I can be standing around doing nothing, or even in the middle of a conversation and it will crash mid-word. It has even BSODed and rebooted my machine a couple times.

Between the time I finished the downloaded episodes and trying the DVD I did change video cards. My Radeon x1600 died and Im using my Radeon 9600 until I can get a new card. I cant imagine why that would kill it, but thats the only thing Ive switched out.

Im using:
2.8 ghz P4
Radeon 9600xt
1.5 gb Ram
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  • Radeon 9600... that might be the problem. There were certain drivers for that card that didn't like our game engine, and caused random reboots like you're describing. How recently did you update your video drivers? This was supposed to have been fixed by ATI about a year ago. If you're already using ATI's most recent drivers, you could try the ones available at instead.
  • Could you describe the error message in the BSOD? If you have a digital camera, you could try taking a picture of it. Otherwise, keep a notepad handy.
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