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Is Telltale's KQ game cancelled?

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Is Telltale still making this game? With Activision's recent financial troubles, rumors abound that this game might not see the light of day. Any thoughts?
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  • I would think Telltale would have a news release or something if a game they previously announced got cancelled, so I'd say the game is still in the works.
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    They don't like to do much other than anounce new IP's and anounce new releases right before they release. When, and if, KQ is still in development - we won't hear anything until 1-2 months before episode 1 (assuming the retain this episodic nature) releases.

    The Fable series has had zero hype since it was announced, just like KQ. Walking Dead was all speculation until about 2 months before episode one released, at which point we started getting developer info... however that also lead to the revelation of every one's favorite thing QUICK TIME EVENTS in the game. Which led to a brief 1-2 honesty session where devs actually posted on the forums and answered questions before radio silence hit again. I presume their marketing dept or someone told them to shut up.

    At this point I basically expect KQ to be sam and max season one with the characters sprites switched out and instead of driving sequences we'll get QTE.
  • I would assume KQ is still on unless you hear it officially and I would also really doubt they would add QTE in their KQ game... last news on the subject was a couple months ago that Dave Grossman was lead on the project. I would imagine a lot of the early design ideas have been thought out but without them actually saying we will not know how far along it is.
  • I hear Yeti's making an appearance this year as well.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Blackthorne519;648772 said:
    I hear Yeti's making an appearance this year as well.
    I'll bring pie.
  • puzzlebox;655480 said:
    Nope. Think about Telltale's track record: Sam & Max 3 wasn't announced until the end of Tales of Monkey Island (even though it was already in development), there was very little information on Back to the Future until soon before it came out, ditto with Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead.

    So far as I can tell, it's just not Telltale's model to provide regular updates/info/insight for games in development. We still have 3 episodes of The Walking Dead to go and then Fables as well before we should be expecting King's Quest. Just because they're quiet about it doesn't automatically mean there are problems.
    Was in one of the many threads concerned about King's Quest.
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