Sam and Max Error when I try to run the games (disc version) - now with patch!



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    tabacco wrote: »

    Ok thanks :)
    Although I would have thought the first one, since it's a DVD and not CD's.
    Then again.. I can always try the other one, if this one won't work, right?
    (Boy, they are fast to reply here, she thinks to herself)

    Now I'm from scandinavia, and wondered if maybe a new DVD box have been shipped to retail shops WITH the patch on?
    Or is it, that we just get the fancy bright colored box with a DVD instead of that brownish one? :D
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    Sorry to bump this, but I'm really curious as to why, we get a DVD box, but with the other image on....
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    The first picture in Seg's post is the bonus disc we ship out to customers who buy the season set from us as downloads. It's completely separate from Jowood/The Adventure Company's release.

    They ship CD-ROMs in the US and DVDs in Europe, both using the same cover art. The content is the same either way on their releases.
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    Ohhh thanks, didn't know that - nice to live in europe then, lol.
    But cool, so I'll just go with the patch from The Adventure Company. :)
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    This still happens on steam.
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