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Can't play Episode 2 PC

posted by Dramen on - Viewed by 226 users
I've looked through the forums, off and on for the past couple weeks looking for an answer to the issue I have, to no avail.

I start up episode 2, was able to get it to play once, without my saved settings from episode 1. Turned it off, went to play a day or two later and now all I get is a black screen, sound, and an axe symbol on the left hand side of the screen. I've tried going back and doing multiple suggestions Ive found on the forum and still, get the same issue.

I've been patient so far, I want to enjoy the game but, at this point I don't even remotely see how that's going to be possible. Any suggestions at this point would be welcome, before I'm left with the only option of un-installing the game and chalking it up to a 20 dollar E-paper weight.

PC stats are as follows

CPU AMD Athlon(TM) 7750 dual core ~2.7ghz
Memory 4096MB
Video AMD Radeon HD 6870
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