Possible help


I ran into a very important problem that kept me from playing one of the games and I managed to solve it purely out of luck. I've seen other people with the same problem on the forums so I thought I might be of help.

A couple of days ago I was trying to play Sam & Max 201 and it seemed like the program refused to connect to the internet no matter what I did. I tried running it as an administrator, followed the other suggestions on the forum, and even tried the patch that was offered here, my online connection was perfect and I gave the program every possible privilege, shut down my firewall, windows defender, virus protection, etc., with no positive results.
In one final, desperate attempt, I decided to change my regional settings. I was playing a game I purchased while I was in Japan and everything, including the system locale was Japanese/Japan. I changed them all to English/US, and voila! Everything was working fine.

In short, people who can't connect may have a problem with their regional settings. Changing everything including the system locale (Language for non-Unicode programs) to English/US may be able to fix that.

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