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Knowing What You Know [and presuming what you don't]

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From what you've seen of the characters in TTG's TWD, which would you want by your side during a real undead apocalypse and why? Bear in mind, you can only choose one. [Exclude Lee, as you are Lee. His actions are your actions.]

As cold as it is, I wouldn't take either Clementine, Duck or Ben, because in the long run, they are going to be a liability. They won't be capable of defending themselves, they won't be able to hunt for food, or capable of protecting you, should you need that protection.

I wouldn't take Kenny either, because despite Kenny having the boat, it doesn't change the fact that he's spineless in my eyes. In my playthroughs, he has ran away when I needed his help to save Shawn's life, and he stood and watched as Danny was about to shoot me in the face at point-blank with his rifle. Granted, he did save me at the drugstore, and had I sided with him in the meat locker, he would have saved me from Danny, but I still couldn't rely on him. There is the whole meat-locker scenario to consider as well, I thought he handled that in a horrific way.

Kaatja is a Vet, and although she isn't a doctor, she could probably work her way around human wounds and injuries reasonably well (certainly better than anyone without medical experience). Would I have her as my fellow survivor? Probably not. I can't see her being a great help defensively/offensively.

That leaves Lilly or Carley/Doug. I think Lilly is a pretty safe bet, as she has a relatively good head on her shoulders (as good as one can have in such a situation). She makes logical choices, she knows her way around a rifle, she has army experience, and she's not hard on the eyes either. Speaking as a male, such a quality would play a part. Carley is a good choice for similar reasons - good with a weapon, makes solid choices, trust-worthy (as she has kept your secret, so far anyway) and there is a potential romance there.

Doug seems to be the only male worth saving. He is known to be heroic, having saved Carley in the past. He's also very intelligent, building devices to detect approaching strangers/walkers, using codes he learnt in A.V to manipulate the televisions, utilizing the laser pen to momentarily blind Andy, etc. He's the ideal candidate.

So who would I choose? Hmmmm.... I'll rule out Lilly, as I suspect she will crack without having Larry around. Emotionally, I think she will become unstable - and she also has a certain thirst for power and being in control. It's tough to choose between Carley and Doug. For longevity survival, I think Doug would be the man to choose. But for a quick blast of gun-slinging, zombie-killing, fun-lovin', Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-esque style go-out, I'd choose Carley.

What do you guys think? I'd love to hear who you would/wouldn't choose, and why.
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  • I agree with most of what you have said about the characters in this game. TTG did a poll and the vast majority chose Lee (39%) and Carley (39%). After the events of episode 2, and since I can only choose one, It would be a tie between Carley and Lilly.

    The tie breaker would go to Carley though for two reasons:

    She has demonstrated the ability to save Lee's bacon many many times.

    Carley's reaction to Lee being a felon was favorable. Lilly's reaction is unknown...she could start with all the yelling again.

    Oh yeah, one more point, Carley doesn't yell at you every day.
  • Kiel555;649266 said:

    Oh yeah, one more point, Carley doesn't yell at you every day.
    Amen to that!
  • If it could be anyone presented so far, it would be Carley and Glenn. Carley's an excellent shot, trustworthy and Glenn is resourceful. Lilly is about as trustworthy as Kenny, she doesn't risk her butt for anyone unless they serve an obvious purpose, plus she's a control freak.
  • If I had to make a choice it would probably come down to Carley or Glenn as well. Even from the little that we have seen from him in the game (not drawing on the comics/tv show), Glenn is a pretty useful guy (at least in terms of scavenging). Hard to judge his ability to shoot/fight based on his in-game actions though. Carley is pretty good at shooting and seems to be a neutral figure in the group that is less likely to cause a conflict. Overall though, I think Glenn is the better choice since supplies seem to have been pretty scarce, and a person who is quick and sneaky can be useful in general during those apocalyptic times.
  • Carley/Doug seem to be the most trustworthy AND useful. Doug has his crazy inventions and his smarts, while Carley has agility and gun skills. Either one would be a great asset, with pretty much everyone else we've seen not having ANY skill remotely as useful as either of theirs'
  • The cop you meet at night in the first episode if you go out at night. I'd want a cop watching my back.
  • ruairi46;649399 said:
    The cop you meet at night in the first episode if you go out at night. I'd want a cop watching my back.
    Like Shane?
  • I'd take Clem and wouldn't have left Hershel's. The guy still liked me. Only Kenny and his useless family had to leave. (Sure, Katjaa's a vet, but so is Hershel. Then I'd get to stick with Glenn!

    I'd probably die in the prison raid though. Oh well.
  • Okay, so I'll play the game of leaving Clem behind.

    But I must object sir to naming physical appearance as a quality worth evaluating in such circumstances as a zombie Apocalypse. Who cares what the person looks like. On the other hand a fat body such as Doug is a liability. He is unhealthy and unfit. If the zombies are on us and we need to leave in a hurry he is not the one to run. Plus he is fat, which means he has little self control.

    I agree with what you said about Lilly being unstable after the demise of Larry, and of course Kenny is the spawn of Lucifer so that really only leaves his wife and Carley.

    Between another fat body and a person with a gun the gun wins every time. Besides Lee can expect a certain amount of loyalty from someone who knows you are a killer but sticks with you anyway.
  • Uhhh, Mark, anyone? I'd take mark over any of the others.
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