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[TWD]Any news on the patch for ps3 lost saves bug?

posted by tonyyy123 on - last edited - Viewed by 230 users
Mike;639865 said:

We were able to reproduce this issue today and will have a patch on PSN as soon as humanly possible, but I don't have an ETA on when that will be. It's definitely being worked on now.

In the short term, you can avoid this happening by not using the third save slot for a unique playthrough of the game. You can copy a save to that slot, but if you use all three slots for unique playthroughs, it increases the chances of seeing this issue. The saves will not become corrupted if only using 1 or 2 slots.

Again, we will have a patch up on PSN for this ASAP, and I'm definitely sorry that some of you have been affected by it.

I'm unaware of any official announcement of a patch released as stated by Mike..and with walking dead episode 3 around the corner im wondering if were closer to getting this patch? thanks in advance for anyone with info on this
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