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Hello TellTale, I don't mean to offend your writers but I think that Kenny is a psycopath.

But seriously, I actually have an issue I'd like to address.

I have the Xbox 360 version. In A New Day I told Kenny that we should reason with Larry, and then he started to hate me (I didn't want to "Kiss his ass" or "Him or Duck" options). However, I "saved" myself by standing up for Duck when Larry tried to grab him, telling him that if he's going to throw anyone out, that he would have to go through me. Then the game registered that Kenny "recognized my loyalty to him". That was nice and all, even considering that I "saved" Shaun back on the farm. But then Starved for Help comes along....

The flashback ONLY seems to recollect me saying to Kenny that we should reason with Larry, and Kenny ended up saying that I wanted to throw Duck out to the walkers back at the drugstore. Correct me if I'm wrong but, me throwing myself at Larry, telling him that he has to go through me doesn't seem like me being on his side.

I like to be on the fence as much as possible, and try to be neutral. That's why I wanted to REASON with Larry, not let Kenny go ahead and kill him. But then Larry made a move for Duck, and then I stuck up for him. But now it seems that Kenny has some memory loss and forgot that whole "Kenny recognizes your loyalty" thing.

Can I please get some help or information about this?

Thanks, DANNY RL695
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  • Yeah, when you choose "We reason with him" in the drug store, the game treats it as being on Larry's side. I believe that this was a mistake that Telltale had pulled off.
  • True, but how does wanting to reason with him automatically make you on his side? By "reasoning" with him, you would think that you mean to try to keep things calm and reach a mutual understanding.

    Personally, I think that the decision that followed should have been the one recorded. THAT one was more "major" in my opinion because one of 4 things would have happened. You would have stopped Kenny, stopped Larry, sided with Larry, or sided with Kenny.

    Honestly, if Telltale would like to "fix" this, they could possibly do what Bioware did with Mass Effect (for all ME fans, you remember the Conrad Verner "incident"). I would recommend that the Lee's in my position be allowed to bring up the fact that he actually did stand up for Duck when Larry tried to move in on him, and that Kenny is just focusing on what happened before that moment. It would show how foolish Kenny would be for not paying attention to the true fact that happened. (Yeah, I'm not a big Kenny fan lol)
  • This is my one problem with the game. Can an official confirm if its a glitch or if the story is supposed to play like that? In episode 1 I chose to reason but helped him in the end and it said he would remember my loyalty. But he doesnt talk like it in ep 2. Will the "remembered loyalty" come into effect in later episodes? By the way I sided with Lilly during know thing in ep2. So hes pissed at me anyways but with my choices not crossing over it looks like I have a vendetta against him which I dont like because in reality I only went against him that one time. (on my phone so there could be errors)
  • I have the PC-version from Steam and have the same glitch. Anyone know if this is discussed in another thread?
  • Your problem is stemming from the fact that the "reason with him" option is pointlessly misguiding. Kenny asks what to do about Larry, so seeing "reason with him" as an option, you wouldn't think Lee would turn around and literally start trying to reason with... Kenny??

    This is still by far my biggest gripe with the game, and I think a majority of people choose the reason option because it SEEMS like a good choice if Lee actually DID reason with Larry. So yeah, because of that Kenny is going to remember that you tried to reason with him to throw his son out..
  • I tracked down a quote from one of the developers in the discussion question sticky that answers this question
    Jake;635901 said:
    Looking through the files, it's one of many things in that argument which change how Kenny saw the outcome. Shouting him down or punching him is also tracked. They appear to have equal weight, which was probably not smart, but the "reason with him" dialog is not the only thing being looked at.
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