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Sonic The Hedgehog Thread

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Sonic the hedgehog is a great video game character. Now i never had to do this before but i feel since this is a thread about Sonic i need to set some rules.

1.While you may talk about the bad Sonic games please don't turn this thread into a rant about Sonic being good then bad then starting to get good since Sonic Unleashed's day time levels.

2.This is a thread for fans of Classic Sonic,Modern Sonic, & fans of both so please respect others opinions.

3.Please no huge rants about Modern Sonic.

4.No huge rants about Sonic Characters/Sonic having too many friends. You may talk about Sonic characters you hate and why you hate them but no huge rants about Sonic being the only good Sonic Character.

I'm sorry about all those rules but this being a Sonic thread i felt i needed to set some ground rules.

You can talk about Sonic Games,Sonic Characters,Sonic Comics,Sonic cartoons and anything Sonic. You can even talk about Mario here.

Anyway he has been in loads of video games, A lot good, Some Bad. My question is what is your favorite Sonic game? Mine is a tie between Sonic Generations,Sonic Adventure DX, & Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
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  • Sonic games have never been burdened with the most complex (or high quality) plots. k?

    Anyone played the stupidly named fan games Before the Sequel/After the Sequel? Kotaku did an article about them recently and I thought I might give them a go.

    Yes. They're enormously well made and they have gorgeous soundtracks.
  • Cool. I'll definitely give 'em a go then.
  • I don't know, I thought he did a pretty good job trapping Sonic in a void outside of time in a plot to erase him from existence.
  • I like Sonic Rush but if there is one thing I freaking hate about it, its how cheap stages get. I love Sonic's Zone 5's music but I freaking hate the zone. Cheap deaths throughout and the boss is a load of shit. Once you get him down to the last two hits then he basically just repeats the same 2 things over and over. Oh and did I mention he has a one hit kill attack?
  • I finally managed to finish Generations 3DS. The Time Eater was even more of a pain in the ass than in the console and PC version and let me make myself clear. I have been stuck on the final boss in the 3DS version for around 3 months and to make myself even more clear. It didn't take me that long to beat the Time Eater in the Console version and I even gotten the trophy for beating the Time Eater without getting hit once. The reason why the 3DS version of the boss was a pain in the ass was because the 3D section had 2 annoying attacks. One where the Time Eater's hands will attempts to crush Super Sonic to push him back and another attack where he launched big clocks at Super Sonic forcing you to avoid the hands which can be moving at normal speed or extreme speed. Also there seemed to be a glitch where Super Sonic couldn't move too far some times when trying to avoid the clocks but at least I finally beat it.
  • First Sonic Lost World cutscene was shown in English at Sonic Boom. The cutscene shows when Eggman is betrayed by the Deadly Six as they use his Badniks to attempt to kill Eggman,Sonic and Tails.
  • Does anyone like Sonic X? I do like it (For one it adapts Sonic Adventure 1, and 2 and even explains some plot holes in the other games like how the moon was in Shadow The Hedgehog. Yes it has its flaws (Chris.) but I liked it.
  • Only seen the first episode or two, but it seemed OK to me. No Sonic SatAM though.
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