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Sonic The Hedgehog Thread

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Sonic the hedgehog is a great video game character. Now i never had to do this before but i feel since this is a thread about Sonic i need to set some rules.

1.While you may talk about the bad Sonic games please don't turn this thread into a rant about Sonic being good then bad then starting to get good since Sonic Unleashed's day time levels.

2.This is a thread for fans of Classic Sonic,Modern Sonic, & fans of both so please respect others opinions.

3.Please no huge rants about Modern Sonic.

4.No huge rants about Sonic Characters/Sonic having too many friends. You may talk about Sonic characters you hate and why you hate them but no huge rants about Sonic being the only good Sonic Character.

I'm sorry about all those rules but this being a Sonic thread i felt i needed to set some ground rules.

You can talk about Sonic Games,Sonic Characters,Sonic Comics,Sonic cartoons and anything Sonic. You can even talk about Mario here.

Anyway he has been in loads of video games, A lot good, Some Bad. My question is what is your favorite Sonic game? Mine is a tie between Sonic Generations,Sonic Adventure DX, & Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
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  • Despite not really caring for the game(too much like Secret Rings and a bit too silly even for Sonic), I do like "Knight of the Wind".
  • Ooh, and "I am all of me" is also cool. :D
  • I love Escape from the city,Metal Harbor,Planet Wisp,I also love Open Your Heart,Endless Possibles,Reach For the Stars,and Chemical Plant Modern Sonic Remix. Most music in Sonic Generations was great but i wish they would have ether used the normal Escape from the city song or let us collect it as one of the songs you can collect because i didn't like the remix as much as Sonic Adventure 2's Escape from the city. Also i think Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 has loads of great Sonic music. I also find Twinkle Park and Red Mountain's music great and catchy too.
  • Hey, I just remembered: I have a "Best of Crush 40 - Super Sonic songs" album on my computer :D It has the following songs:

    01. I am all of me
    02. His world
    03. Un-gravitify
    04. All hail Shadow
    05. Never turn back
    06. Revvin up
    07. Into the wind
    08. Watch me fly
    09. Fire woman
    10. Sonic Heroes
    11. What I'm made of
    12. Live life
    13. Knight of the wind
    14. Live and learn
    15. Open your heart
    16. Is it you

    I was thinking, if someone wants it too, I could upload a zip file here for you to download. So, anyone interested? :)
  • Pretty sure that's not gonna fly with the mods.

    I know a lot of those songs aren't hard to find on the net, but they are still copyrighted and should, technically, be bought and not freely shared like what you're suggesting.
  • Okay then. Too bad though. I really wanted to share it. :/
  • Another Sonic song from Sonic Adventure i love is Speed Highway. I also like the remix from Sonic Generations.
  • I got Sonic Adventure 2 HD With the Battle DLC on the Playstation Store and what's great is that they kept the Big cameos in levels this time! Even with the Battle DLC.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I grabbed the Sonic 10th anniversary CD for the Dreamcast that came with a Sonic booklet, the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure 2, a Sonic coin, and a Sonic music soundtrack back when they were overstocked at for only $9.99 USD. It was worth it for the music CD alone. The Sonic series really does have some good music. :D
  • Yah Sonic CD to this day is the best So if ever made.
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