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Sonic The Hedgehog Thread

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 5.2K users
Sonic the hedgehog is a great video game character. Now i never had to do this before but i feel since this is a thread about Sonic i need to set some rules.

1.While you may talk about the bad Sonic games please don't turn this thread into a rant about Sonic being good then bad then starting to get good since Sonic Unleashed's day time levels.

2.This is a thread for fans of Classic Sonic,Modern Sonic, & fans of both so please respect others opinions.

3.Please no huge rants about Modern Sonic.

4.No huge rants about Sonic Characters/Sonic having too many friends. You may talk about Sonic characters you hate and why you hate them but no huge rants about Sonic being the only good Sonic Character.

I'm sorry about all those rules but this being a Sonic thread i felt i needed to set some ground rules.

You can talk about Sonic Games,Sonic Characters,Sonic Comics,Sonic cartoons and anything Sonic. You can even talk about Mario here.

Anyway he has been in loads of video games, A lot good, Some Bad. My question is what is your favorite Sonic game? Mine is a tie between Sonic Generations,Sonic Adventure DX, & Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
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  • Well, if it is a re-release, I hope it's not Sonic R *thinks of the Tails Doll and shudders*
    I hope they won't make another Sonic 2006
  • ryannumber1gamer;793127 said:
    If Sonic the Fighters was only 1 of the digital releases like the thing you linked to says then what could be the others? Sonic 3 is already on Xbox. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 is already out. The only Sonic game i can think that it could be is Sonic 3D or Sonic R. Unless its not a re-release and a new digital Sonic game.
    While there was the Deals of the Week on Xbox, I bought Sonic the Fighters for 160 MSP, I wanted it and it was pretty cheap. It was all right for a button masher.

    As for me, I really hope there'll never be a Sonic Adventure 3 because the previous were mediocre enough as it is. Despite being mediocre, they did have their goodness:

    SA1 = great music, fun Sonic stages, great gameplay
    SA2 = very good graphics, fun Sonic stages, pretty good gameplay

    It's kind of hard to believe, but to me it felt like SA1 was still better than SA2 regardless of how much content they put into the second.

    I do loath the Sonic Adventure series, but I own the originals on Dreamcast and the digital remastered versions on Xbox:


    These aren't all, I have a lot more but right now I just have these to show.

    By the way, Sonic Colours is still brand new factory sealed. Still to play this amazing Modern Sonic game.
  • ParadoxalMindElla1;793117 said:
    If SEGA is calling the project "Sonic Adventure 3", even though it not the official name, I'm calling it that way until it gets a new name. That's why I said that "Sonic Adventure 3" is coming.

    Where is Sonic calling their next project "Sonic Adventure 3"? SOURCE PLEASE.

    And no, the one you gave is not a valid source. Nowhere on that page is the name "Sonic Adventure 3" mentioned. All it says, and this could well have changed since November, when the interview was published, is that something is coming. For all we know it was Sonic Dash.

    If you want to call a mythical project that hasn't even been officially announced "Sonic Adventure 3", then by all means do so. But please - let us know that that's all it is up-front next time.
  • Darth Marsden;793164 said:

    Where is Sonic calling their next project "Sonic Adventure 3"?.
    Well maybe Sonic is calling the project Sonic Adventure 3 but i didnt see anywhere in that link saying that Sega called the project Sonic Adventure 3 :p (I'm only joking :rolleyes:)
  • On another note Sonic the Fighters must be one of the easiest games to get 100% all trophies/achievements
  • ryannumber1gamer;793216 said:
    On another note Sonic the Fighters must be one of the easiest games to get 100% all trophies/achievements
    It took me like 3-4 minutes to get all achievements (400 GS).

    In terms of replay value it's very small, unless played online or with someone locally.
  • Well.....Sonic Lost world is going to be Nintendo exclusive...Gotta admit, a bit annoying for me since i most likely will only be able to play the 3DS version since i don't got a Wii U -_-.
  • I'm looking forward to it. And I know I'll have a Wii U eventually, so if I don't have one by the time it's out, I'll be okay waiting.
  • Sonic Lost Worlds Trailer. Looks like Sega's been playing Mario Galaxy!

    Little surprised Ryan didn't post this, to be honest. It actually doesn't look bad at all. Honestly, the camera angles remind me of Sonic Xtreme.
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