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NOOOO why did they cancel that!

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Yo I just got around to reading the history of sam and max pt 4(dunno what took me so long although i almost missed it this time cause there wasnt a picture(or maybe my pc just never displayed it by the time i figured out it was clickable(how many nested parenthesis is too many by the way))). And i have to say i am now retrospectively looking forward to infinite machines canceled project much more than lucas arts. WHY!!!!!!!! Man i would have loved to play that. Anyone else with me here?

P.S. What is steve watching on the moving picture box in that picture there.
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  • I'm with ya. The idea of having a part in the game that's like Street fighter would be awesome. Ridiculous, but awesome
  • We didn't know much about that game before it got canceled. They had some great ideas though. Maybe a future season of Sam & Max could be set entirely in space.
  • I want them to release Freelance Police Academy. The parodies for that seem to write themselves... like seeing the Desoto being driven on its side two wheels.
  • That giant thumb wrestling robot arm sam was wearing was the best thing i ever saw. Don't suppose that could make its way into some sort of flash minigame or something. Probably not.
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