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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 66.3K users
I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.
  • Could you tell me what part of Iced's post gave you that impression? Because he's one of my best friends, and he's never once expressed an issue with the way the other moderators do their job. When he was writing that article, I helped him make sure that he was saying what he was trying to say, so I'm seriously confused how you've drawn this conclusion from it.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      I got that impression reading the comments from Chyron8472. He said what I quoted in my earlier post. If you go back to the thread I linked. It's now removed either by Chyron8472 or a mod It's where the "SNIPED" post was at. But he said that. Honestly, I thought I was replying to a post who was upset with the moderation. That's why it stunned me, when Chyron8472 responded in this thread as if he never said that.

      Either he misinterpreted it or something else. I should have taken the time to read it at length. Glancing at the first comment. I thought the message was something it wasn't.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      It looks like he or someone else resorted the post. You can see the screen shot here.

      Yes, I should have actually read at length what he said. I skimmed through much of it because I don't know him. I glanced at the first comment which seemed like a hostile comment directed off topic at something else. That is where I was given the impression. I wasn't implying moderation isn't up to stranded. I was replying to, what I thought was a discussion about moderation.

  • So is this a case of misunderstanding Chyron's post in that the moderators are not actually staff? We used to have disclaimers in our signatures after this sort of confusion in the past, but those are gone in the new forum. We were given the option to customize the wording a bit, and this was mine:

    The preceding post was made by a volunteer community moderator, not a Telltale Games employee, and does not reflect the opinions of Telltale Games. Remember, only you can prevent forum fires.

    Chyron is well aware of this difference, so if he was talking about "staff", he wasn't including the moderators in that.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      It seems this is a case of giant miscommunication and misunderstanding. However I do sincerely apologize on my part for not reading the post to know exactly what he was talking about. I was in hurry and skimmed through it. I'm aware the mods aren't actually on the staff. I thought the reason he was quitting was either because of staff or mods.

      As I said. I do apologize for not reading it in full.

  • Ooo, I know how we could improve the forums.

    Maybe we stop calling is a 'forum'. Because it's not one any more. It's a community. (snigger)

    But yeah, IcedHope left because of a dissatisfaction with the direction of the company and the new site. It was nothing to do with us mods, who are all awesome and can do no wrong (except when we do, but that's very rare and usually entirely my fault because I am an idiot).

  • Actually, what would really improve this place is if Doodo came back and created his usual havoc.
    Also yes, I am aware that the mods are not TTG employees. That [snip]ped post in the other thread was meant to be edited to change "they" to "the staff" as I didn't mean Icedhope to infer by "they" I meant him--but I accidentally double posted instead so snipped the first one.

    The mods are cool. The staff (ie. the employees) are retarded. Especially Dan Connors and his upper management people.

    This isn't trolling. I actually do believe that it is upper management's fault that the openness and friendliness of the company has changed so radically.

  • I would just like to point out that trying to post on here with an iPhone is still a serious chore. The previous forum (the really popular one that Telltale killed off) was much easier to use on my phone. This new terrible setup loads comments slowly and the zooming in and out on this page is so laggy.

    I'm telling you this right now. There is much better message board/forum software available out there used by companies with a clue,so why not use one of those and don't put your customers and fans through the agony of having to use this turkey.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      In my humble point of view. I kinda like it. It reminds me a bit about facebook, expect it didn't have the dislike button. I honestly don't know why we need the dislike button. If someone disagrees, they can reply with their comments rather then voting up or down. I don't know why people butcher these forums to make it seem like something its not.

      It's really not that bad, an improvement. In my point of view. But I am writing off a PC, maybe that has something to do with it.

  • I agree, the whole up voting down voting reminds me a tad bit to much of Youtube, it is nice and all but we lived for almost ten years without it, so there's that.

  • Well, if you're not willing to listen to direct feedback from people who would make use of the software, then yes I would call that retarded.

    Again, you're internally going to respond to this by thinking "We are listening. We're making improvements to the forums as people point out bugs." But I'm telling you that you're turning something that's very broken and unpopular into something that's slightly less broken yet equally unpopular.

    Turning this place into a reddit clone and removing bbcode is a terrible idea, but no, you don't care if it is or not. You're going to wait 6 months to a year to let the backlash die down as people get used to the change before you actually will decide to consider whether the change was worth it.

    Now, what you're again focusing on is the fact that I'm unnecessarily abrasive in my criticism. Instead, you should be considering /why/ these actions are causing users of the software to feel the need to be abrasive about it beyond the standard dislike some people have for change.

    I'm absolutely /convinced/ that the powers-that-be are waiting for the backlash against general change to die down before listening to criticism about said change. This means that any openly voiced spite we have for this software is completely pointless and has no bearing on any decisions the company will make regarding its use (beyond simple bug fixes).

    In sum: 1) You don't listen to us. 2) You don't talk to us. 3) You think I'm overreacting therefore my argument is invalid. 4) The change is permanent so I should get over it.

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      Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED

      I certainly am listening (self evident).
      We are talking (again, self evident).
      Calling people names hurts and devalues your credibility. You yourself describe your post as "unnecessarily abrasive"!
      Nothing is permanent, but we are moving in this direction, and in the end it may not work for you.

      • Kevin, you are a very poor representative of Telltale Games in the way you dismissively respond to valid concerns of longtime Telltale customers and forum users.

        Kevin, your antagonistic approach to those people willing to tell the truth about this horrible redesign is what is not helpful and what is unnecessary. Kevin, it is disappointing that, as a Telltale employee, you would mischaracterize and question the credibility of customers voicing their honest concerns. Please drop the "it's self-evident that we're listening, duh, since I'm writing now" rudeness, and try thoughtfully addressing the many concerns about this failure of a message board design.

        Kevin, your disappointing manner on this forum gives the impression that Telltale staff has little concern for community feedback and is stubbornly planning to go in a forum design direction that no one really wants.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      I must say, we may not all agree on everything. I don't know this Kevin, and I haven't been on these forums as long as you. However your attitude and tone is very hostile. I can understand that some members of the community do not like the new site, that's fine. However their are those of us, like me who embraced the new site. Who actually feel its an improvement from the old system.

      Perhaps people that have been here for years have been attached to the old site. To me honestly, it looks updated. You have likes and dislikes button. A cool new skin, avatars etc. I have seen you're comments. Like in that one thread about that one person explaining that hes no longer a mod. You made a very hostile comment directly to the staff that was off topic.

      I am simply asking for people to tone down the heat in their posts. It seems to me, you are saying. A minority group of people do not like the site, so tell tale must listen to you now and change it back. Respectfully, that's not how things are supposed to work. This seems to be a great community. The games they are rolling out are fantastic.

      Lets not ruin all that by arguing over what the forums look like. Honestly, when it comes right down to it. It doesn't matter what the forums look like. It matters what the games they produce look like. Honestly this community have been one of the kindest and most respectful ones I been apart of. It seems to be you are taking every chance you get to directly flame the staff and that's a bit unfair. I say give it a few months instead of creating a hostile environment.

  • Okay, so yes you are talking. It's a step in the right direction and that's great.

    However, Telltale has had quite a history wherein our concerns and/or complaints have fallen on deaf ears. This image is not helped by the fact that a member of the staff has set Icedhope's thread about his relationship with Telltale as "sunk". It would seem that Telltale wants that thread to quietly go away, which again is reflective of previous experiences with the company such as how Telltale handled announcement (or lack thereof) of the cancellation of King's Quest (as well as direct evidence that everything Icedhope said in that thread is true, especially the part about the company responding to problems by remaining silent and hoping they blow over).

    Further, you say "we're moving in this direction, and in the end it may not work for you" and I might agree that changes are not going to please everyone, as well that many are going to be upset by any change no matter what it is. However, while being so adamant about this change, you seem to be completely ignoring the advice from not only a lowly user such as myself, but every single community moderator whom the company hand-picked to manage forums for them. It's not just me, and it's not just dozen or more fairly-inconsequential-yet-highly-active forum members who (from the company's point of view) insist on being irrationally intransigent about change.

  • double post.

    Ohhh... okay. I think I see what's going on here. Telltale has a number of highly-active forum members who insist on hanging out on the company's forums even though all that they talk about as of late concerning the company itself is to complain endlessly about the company's missteps (even going so far as to enumerate them all). They also won't stop complaining that the company doesn't want to make classic adventure games anymore.

    This endless complaining needs dealing with. It's not good for company PR. It's not good for introducing new users to the General Chat community. It's not allowing the company to completely move on from its past. But the staff can't just ban them all. Besides, not only would that be perceived as reactionary, but even the community moderators themselves join in on the dislike for the company.

    So...what does the company do in response? They introduce new forum software that said members will find that they dislike to the point that they leave of their own accord. That way the company can get rid of the problem members indirectly without banning them outright.

    Now there are a few brush fires left behind by the stragglers who yet still complain about what once was. Yet again, the company doesn't need to close problem threads outright. They can just sink the offending threads and hope they eventually go away on their own.

    ...this scenario does sound woefully arrogant and self-important bordering on narcissism. You're going to say that I'm being ridiculous by inferring that a dozen or so people are such a hinderance to Telltale's image that the company is willing to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on custom-built software merely to shoo these people away.

    So now you're confused because either I'm saying we're so insignificant to TTG that we're not worth taking advice from, or I'm saying that I think us so important that we're worth spending buckets of money to try and get rid of, and I can't have it both ways, so which is it?

    Well... I don't know. I still can't figure out why anyone would think this reddit style is a good idea in the first place. Obviously Telltale is dead set on using it. But why? Why on earth is using this format so blasted important to you? If you're really willing to actually talk to us now, Kevin, then you could at least answer that.

  • It was Icedhope who created a thread about the history of his crumbling relationship with Telltale. Suddenly the thread was inexplicably sunk... and, as the community mods would seem to indicate, presumably by actual Telltale staff.

    Color me reactionary, but that just totally rubbed me the wrong way. Plenty of people practically begged and pleaded with Telltale not to implement the bbcode-less reddit-style aspects of the software. But it was implemented anyway, with nary a word as to why Telltale was so keen on using it in particular as opposed to other better fully-functional-out-of-the-box software. Not even told to the mods.

    There has been plenty of recent evidence to support the opinion that the company just doesn't care about us. And it doesn't just start with remaining stone-cold quiet about King's Quest.

    If I'm belligerent, it's only because I'm rather irritated, and even rather offended. While my tone isn't exactly the most helpful, I wouldn't say it's unwarranted.

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      fusedmass BANNED

      This is my last post, for tonight. I am very tired after a very taxing day. To my understanding the thread you are talking about "sunk" meaning no one replied enough to keep it bumped. Its not locked or deleted by any means. Just not enough people have replied or commented in that thread to keep it bumped. If there was more public interest in it. The thread would been bumped with questions, and comments. Its not the fault of Tell Tale not many people replied to it.

      As for the new software. To my understanding. Mods are not paid employees of tell tale games. They are volunteer mods, meaning without pay doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. I'm not sure why they should or need to be informed about these choices before hand. Tell Tale is a corporation, like any other they make choices. Good or bad, its up for the community to decide.

      I honestly feel like I am missing a giant piece of information. It seems clearly are offended, but I'm not sure at what. Honestly I am new to these forums. I started coming on here after playing the walking dead like many others. I became interested in the moral choice, not simply just the gore.

      However I must say. I do feel they care to a certain extent. The Walking Dead is a massive success for this company. If they keep building on the model. Moral choice that they did on the walking dead and extend that like they are in the wolf among us, and other games. Combined with there comic book style movie productions like games. I only see the rise of success. In fact they already created the walking dead season 2 and the wolf among us comes out shortly, not to mention the DLC. It seems they heard the feedback of the games the community liked.

      Just my two cents, good or bad, disagree or agree. There are polite ways we can communicate our feelings to other people. If our post just filled with hate and insult, hostile tone with extreme attitude it only serves to discredit. Perhaps provide detailed examples, showing where and when they didn't care about the people. I sincerely feel like I am missing the part when you got offended, and just followed up right after.

      I say this with deepest respect.

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