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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 72.6K users
I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.
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    TheDuck BANNED

    Do we even have mods anymore? The Walking Dead section is out of control. Spoilers are in plain sight all over the place and are impossible to avoid. Flags on these and otherwise offending posts have gone completely ignored. My one thread has been hijacked, spammed with pictures, trolled, has had massive and unmarked spoilers put in, and now there's some sicko who is making really disturbing comments that are this close to making me snap.

    • Do we even have mods anymore? The Walking Dead section is out of control. Spoilers are in plain sight all over the place and are impossible to avoid. Flags on these and otherwise offending posts have gone completely ignored. My one thread has been hijacked, spammed with pictures, trolled, has had massive and unmarked spoilers put in, and now there's some sicko who is making really disturbing comments that are this close to making me snap.

      It's just that the mods here can't stay here 24 hours a day just to patrol around. I'm sorry that your thread has gone to hell, but sadly that's the internet, there's going to be a lot of those kinds of people especially with a growing foru-community like this.

      Although there's no harm in asking for more moderators.

      • Don't bother. He is just a crybaby asking for attention. Either that or he simply isn't ready for the internet yet. The funny part is him calling everyone a troll when he acts the most like one.

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          TheDuck BANNED

          Ugh. This would be the guy who was making the "disturbing comments" in my thread. It was locked, so I guess he decided to come here. Trolls are people who post to instigate others, which is exactly what your post right now is doing, along with all your posts in my thread.

  • The only thing I am instigating you to do is growing a pair instead of acting like a wanna be sheriff.

    "Where are the mods? Are they even doing their job?" -> Implying mods (who do this job voluntarily without getting paid or receiving other forms of rewards for doing their job) have to be online 24/7 and answer your calls as soon as you cry for them.

    "These guys are all trolls and should be banned." -> Wanting to get rid of people you don't like because they don't agree with you by calling them trolls and expecting them to get banned because mods are your lab dogs, who have to do everything you say.

    "Wah, I got spoiled. I blame everyone but me!" -> Getting mad for getting spoiled even though it was your own fault for going online where spoilers are waiting around every corner. If you didn't want to get spoiled, then you should have avoided EVERYTHING TWD related. That is common sense.

    The biggest mystery to me is why your are even still here. If this place is spoiling you too much and everyone left and right is a troll to you, then why haven't you left already?

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      TheDuck BANNED

      Do you even realize what an entitled jerk you sound like? I'M to blame for people like you not following the rules? Not using the spoiler tags? Putting spoilers in topic titles? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Getting the game first does not give you the right to disregad the rules and make other people stay away from a forum they would otherwise enjoy. You can see spoilers even on the main page of the forum-I could get spoiled heading to the TWAU section. As I said in my topic, this forum is the only place to get real info, and I have topics I post in and people I enjoy talking to. I shouldn't have to leave because some entitled people don't want to follow the rules. And since the episodes are gotten by other systems before Vita, that would basically mean NEVER posting or looking at this forum again. No. I shouldn't have to do that.

      I'm not the only person on here who has noticed a lot of the mods rarely seem to be around anymore, nor am I the only one bothered by the fact that they haven't been cracking down on spoilers like they said they would.

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        Guys, please keep it civil.

        I'm sorry we've missed things on occasion and I personally am trying to work towards being better at catching them. We aren't "ignoring" flags, but things are complicated.

      • The biggest joke here is that you seem to think this is the place to look for when wanting some news. Telltale is a lazy company, which almost NEVER posts in their own forums. The only news you will ever see here is from people copy/pasting tweets from Telltale. Tweets you could easily follow yourself without the need to check in on this forum. Even IGN posts more news about Telltale's games than Telltale does, so I can really not see how you can get under the impression that you will get some here. Sorry to break it to you, but this forum is mainly for discussing what is already out while waiting for the new stuff to come out. It isn't and has never been (for as long as I have been around at least) a place to get updates about new stuff from Telltale. I know that is actually quite sad, but it's true. I REALLY do not recommend checking on here for news. You will have to believe everyone else when they tell you that there are better sources for getting information.

      • Follow the rules duck your thread about spoiler tags should of been in general chat never heard of you why all these random outbursts unhappy with forum and how mods are doing.

        Guilty no troll know him while and great user.

        Mods are doing a terrific job wow miss couple of things no one perfect but doing the best they can most only voluntary using own time to help forum they love for free so criticism of them is just silly.

        I'm Vita user and got spoiled for episode 2 but know that going happen people make mistakes and just want to discuss favorite moments sometimes forgetting about the tags.

        But understand your points in fact most are correct just try stick to the points without singling out a user or pushing the blame onto the mods for the users mistakes.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I agree it's probably best not to stick to the forums before playing an episode if you are sensitive to story spoilers.

    Of course, this is not an excuse for people to spoil big story elements of the game the first few days or so after release, but eventually it reaches a point where moderate spoilers are needed to have decent discussion of plot elements for previous/future elements.

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      TheDuck BANNED

      Those spoilers do not need to be in topic titles or unmarked in threads. And there was even a spoiler section created where people could post spoilers freely, but people choose not to use it.

      I will call out people who intentionally spoil or harass others, because no one should be allowed to get away with that kind of behavior. Mods may be trying hard, but in the end, the spoiler situation is only getting worse. They're not cracking down like they said they would, so of course that is what's happening. I told them before anyone got Season 2 that they should have started with the Season 1 spoilers, because otherwise, there'd be no stopping people from posting Season 2 spoilers. And that's just what happened.

      • Ahem.

        We take complaints of spoilers and trolls extremely seriously, but if you simply complain about something like this without providing any solid evidence behind your claims, then we cannot understand the exact nature of the issue, which means that we cannot resolve it.

        Please show us examples of what you would define as spoilers or people trolling you. DO NOT simply say that it's "obvious", because we clearly DON'T find it obvious and statements like that are of absolutely no help to us. If you can't provide solid evidence to back up your claims, we can't do anything about it - worse, you end up sounding like you're just complaining for the sake of it (even if you aren't).

        We do want to take your claims seriously, but we need your help to do so. Point us in the right direction.

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          TheDuck BANNED

          Isn't that what Flagging is for? I also shouldn't have to go hunting for the spoilers. Just looking at the topic titles of the TWD section alone should be enough to spot countless spoilers, usually.

          • It's clearly not.


            Give them.

            • Sorry for interrupting but just wondering can option come into threads that the user can delete their own threads just because of mistakes or regret making them after a while or even because posted them by accident.

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              TheDuck BANNED

              What's with that attitude? You know I can't. I'm already trying my hardest to forget all the spoilers. Some I can't erase from my mind, but others there is a chance of forgetting. You're basically asking me to go out of my way to spoil myself further, searching for threads that contain spoilers. I flagged the posts I came across. That should be good enough.

              • My attitude is due to you repeatedly ignoring the very basic thing I'm asking you to do. You did it back in the day, and you're doing it now.

                The flagging system doesn't work, which is why I've asked you - several times - for examples of the spoilers that you claim are rife throughout the site. If you can't provide them, we have nothing further to discuss.

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                  TheDuck BANNED

                  Excuse me? I don't even know what you're talking about. If the Flagging system doesn't work, then you should see to it that it gets fixed. Asking me to go out of my way to spoil myself further to do your job for you is not okay, and my refusal to do so does not warrant such abuse. And for the record, I HAVE been sending links to these threads to a certain mod that requested I do so, but he has since disappeared. You're being ridiculous here. YOU'RE the mod. Go to the TWD section and scroll down and see for yourself once in a while. It's not my job. I've done what users were supposed to do in taking the time to flag the threads.

                  • Maintaining the functionality of the site is not my job - it's the web team's job. Not that it matters any, because all I've ever asked you to do is one thing. One basic, simple thing. Provide links to threads that you deem to be spoilers. Not 'send them to someone else', who hasn't dealt with you in months. Provide them for ME to examine.

                    Skimming TWD section I see nothing that could be legitimately considered as spoilers, and as you haven't provided examples of what you're claiming are spoilers, we have nothing further to discuss.

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                      TheDuck BANNED

                      There is nothing basic or simple about spoiling myself further, and that you can even say something like that is unbelievable. Spoilers have been running rampant in that section for days, so I don't see how you can honestly try to claim they're not there. It's even worse since the other mods have acknowledged the spoilers there.

                      • Well I'm not seeing any now. And that's the problem - you're complaining that there are spoilers, and I'm not seeing them. Which is why I've asked you to provide examp-

                        Y'know what? Screw it. You're not listening and I've had enough.

                        Alt text

                        • Don't voter with this guy he won't listen to anybody and he'll keep complaining
                          I appreciate how you tat least tried I be civil though
                          Good job keep up though good work mods

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                          TheDuck BANNED

                          And for real? That's because the other mods, who aren't pretending to not see these things, fixed them. More will show up soon. You really need to stop this. I mean, bullying someone like this is horrid. You asked me to actively seek out spoilers, just to be stubborn.

                          • Not sure why you're trying to continue this discussion when I've clearly stated that I'm out, but whatever, knock yourself out.

                          • 1.4 Posting two (or more!) times in a row in the same discussion and replying to yourself are considered poor forum etiquette. There's an edit button you can use to update your comments after you hit the "Post" button - please use it if you suddenly think of something else to add and the discussion hasn't moved in the meantime.

                            1.3 If you think a certain topic is not worth discussing, don't try to destroy the ongoing discussion. Just refrain from posting in that thread

                            1.1 R-E-S-P-E-C-T! We're all here to have fun, so be cool to each other. Always behave respectfully towards other community members, moderators and Telltale team members. Insults, hate speech, platform wars - leave it out.

                            Right I'm out read rules as proof get links or stop wasting time

                            Recommend making thread in General chat stop spamming this thread only for valid comments on improvements to site not rants thank you for the co-operation

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                              TheDuck BANNED

                              All other threads make it so replies only appear under the post you choose to reply to. This one doesn't do that. Those were not two posts in a row, but two separate replies.

                              Do not demand I get proof. It is unreasonable for a mod, whose job it is to keep an eye on the forum, to demand I spoil myself by providing said links. The other mods see them-only he doesn't seem to. There is a Flag feature, and I used it. Asking further of me, knowing it will take my time and effort, as well as ruin my enjoyment of the game even further, is not right.

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                    Blind Sniper Moderator

                    If you have been sending PMs to Mods, the notification system for PMs is currently not working so you have to send a link to the PM in a post.

  • Valid suggestion - wasn't aware you guys couldn't do that (since we mods can, obviously). I'll pass it along.

  • Yes. Let's everyone stop at this point.

    I freely admit my behaviour here was not the most... professional, shall we say. Even so, I don't think anyone here has behaved particularly well, and I'd like to draw a line under the whole thing and move on. So let's do that please.

  • OK, seriously guys. Leave this and move on.

  • $1 lap dance Tuesdays. I haven't figured out how exactly this would work, but it's still a suggestion.

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    Deceptio BANNED

    Rafoli said:
    IP ban mandatory
    These shitty trolls have gone too far. If there's a better solution than this, so be it.

    We need to keep these threads alive!

  • Rafoli said:
    IP ban mandatory
    These shitty trolls have gone too far. If there's a better solution than this, so be it.

    This must be Telltale's vision for the community. No polls or meme threads, just trolls and Clem porn.

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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    Someone like @Ohyoupokedme or @Saltlick305 should be a mod anyone agree ?

    • Choosing mods via popularity contests does not a good mod make.

    • No, they're better as users, trust me. I hope you know what I mean

      • I know exactly what you mean Rafoli want me as MOD and I accept and do it for free I'm cool like that


        • I will be referred to as EVIL OVERLORD not mod as all telltale staff, users and mods answer to me

        • Anyone who downthumbs my threads or comments even questions my opinion will get a instant ban

        • All Thread and comments will be verified by me before their posted to remove negative posts about my leadership or trolls

        • All my threads will be sticky to the top all other threads will be sent to general chat

        • I will award title super members to users who are seen speaking positively about my reign or ratting out trouble makers they will be able to delete comments and thumb their own comments

        • All episodes released by telltale under 2 hours will be deemed unfit for release but will allow addition of the needed half an hour to be Hub areas or minigames within the episode

        • "Suggestion for improvements" thread will be changed to "Favorite things about the forum" to avoid any negative feedback

        • Threads which are designed just to moan about something with no TWD question instant ban

        • Users who comment on a thread without answering the question or questioning the grammar instant ban

        • Voting for favorite users thread will be redone all users who fail to vote for me as NO.1 instant ban

        Thank you for your co-operation

    • No probably not. While both posters are great users and fun to have around they aren't sticklers for the rules like a mod needs to be.

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