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CSI: Hard Evidence Case 4 No Cursor or PDA

posted by csintern on - Viewed by 555 users
I realize this is an older game, but I've played cases 1-3 of Hard Evidence without a problem. I load the game and the intro to case 4 plays where Grissom explains the gist of the case, and when it switches to play mode, there is no cursor and the pda is not present in the lower left corner.

Please help!

I'm running a HP Pavilion G series notebook with these specs:

Chip Type: Intel HD Graphics (Core i3)
DAC Type: internal
Adapter String: Intel HD Graphics
Bios: Intel Video BIOS
Total available Graphics Memory: 1969 MB

Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU, M 370 @ 2.40 GHz
RAM: 3.80 usable GB

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