NO TellTale Game will run under Windows 8 using a xbox controller

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Hey guys,
you are running into truble with the coming release of Windows 8 in October. It seems to me that your Engine has a Problem checking the Input devices at the start of the engine. This means that ALL TELLTALE GAMES won't run under Windows 8 (checked back to the future, the Walking dead...). If there is any USB Inputdevice connected to the pc(like a 3d Mouse or the 360 Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse will work) your engine won't initialize and crash without a notification.
You really have to fix this fast. If you have no access to the final release of Windows 8 you can also verify it with the release canidate.
Best regards from Germany,


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    Yeah, the same thing is happenning here. I hope TellTale fix this before Episode 3!

    I'm using Windows 8 RTM, by the way.
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    Same problem here.
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    I wish Telltale would just respond to this problem and let us know if they plan on fixing it. I am also using Windows 8 RTM.
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    Yeah, I just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro and now the game won't load if I've got the Xbox controller connected, either wirelessly or with the charging cable. Walking Dead only runs once I've powered the controller off but I don't want to play the game with the keyboard and mouse. There's no error message, just nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the Xbox controller drivers, running the game in compatibility mode and as administrator and nothing. What gives TT? Please, fix this bug!
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    You can try the user posted workaround posted in this thread.
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    Thanks for posting this. Couldn't launch any Telltale Games, now I know its because my 360 controller was plugged in. Unplugged and success!
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