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Should they make a sequel to Super Mario Rpg?

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Before anyone mentions Mario and Luigi Superstar saga or paper mario. Those are spiritual successors, not an official sequel.

Even though I havent played Super Mario RPG before, I decided to check it out on the VC by purchasing it. And to my surprise I was in for a treat with this game. I can clearly understand why it lives up to this very day. I even see how both Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi got their influence from this game. I know that Nintendo was in development of a sequel to this game. However, there were a few disagreements with Square and Nintendo reworked the game to Paper Mario.

Would anyone on here would like to see Nintendo make a sequel to the most known mario game out there? There are people still talking about this game. Even Nintendo tried to get the rights to Geno for brawl but that never happened though :(. Square isn't doing much with the other half of what they own on this game, so i think its time Nintendo buys the other half of RPG and make a sequel for the Wii u and 3DS.
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